today my sweet son, my only son, turns 3. it’s been a wild ride. he was born early (at 36 weeks) and weighed 5 lb 10 oz. he spent 6 days on a light bed at home (for jaundice) and almost had to go back to the hospital when his weight dropped to 1/2 an ounce under 5 lb. he finally started to gain weight (very, VERY slowly) and he was allowed to stay at home with us.


he taught me how to be a mama. i’ve made a lot of mistakes with him. but he’s also taught me a whole lot more about love. about unconditional love. to lighten up and loosen up. he’s taught me how to have fun. how to live in the moment. how to see joy and delight in the little things. he is patient even when i am not.


davey is the best little boy one could hope to have. he is an absolute blessing from God. he makes us smile every day. he’s not perfect (he also makes us frustrated every day!) but he’s a good kid. he loves to dance. and talk (incessantly). he loves his family (daddy, mama, samantha, his newest baby sister alex, his nana, grandpa, grandma and all of his aunts and uncles both near and far away). he loves to eat PB&J sandwiches for lunch. he almost always orders chicken & french fries at a "westernaut" (aka: restaurant). he loves to play outside. he loves to play inside. he has an amazing imagination. he loves to laugh and does so often. he still takes daily naps (at least 2 hours). he LOVES to eat cereal. his world revolves around daddy as much as possible. he hates change (even the little things like leaving the house or leaving play group). he LOVES the swings and slides at the park. he loves to hear stories. he is (usually) well-behaved. he’s a mild-mannered kid and we always receive "compliments" on him from nursery workers. he has a very caring and sensitive heart. he is a lover, not a fighter. and he is so much more, but i can’t possibly put it all into words. 


thank you, davey, for blessing our home with your love, laughter, silliness, seriousness and more. may all your birthday wishes come true!

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