an unexpected traumatic event

 DRAMA! serious drama occurred in this house last night!


it was our first REALLY HOT day of the summer and dave decided enough was enough and he needed a summer haircut. he started the day with his hair looking like this:

 and after dinner, he went into the garage and buzzed his head. now he looks a little bit more like this (only he’s evened out the long patches):


so it looks pretty cut and dry, right? from long to short. and BOTH kids have seen him with short hair before. but neither dave nor i anticipated the reactions of davey and samantha to his "new ‘do." davey kept telling nana, daddy and mama that he wanted daddy to "put his hair back on." and he was highly distraught about this situation.



and then there’s samantha. the girl who goes with the flow (well, as long as it’s convenient for her). she wasn’t as upset as davey, but she certainly wasn’t her usual, loving self.

she kept looking at me for reassurance that this REALLY WAS her daddy. 



hopefully they’ll get used to it quickly and life will return to "normal" in our home with davey and samantha climbing all over their dearly beloved daddy!

2 thoughts on “an unexpected traumatic event

  1. 2 weeks ago my Aunt dyed my hair for me. It’s dyed so close to my natural color that no one even really notices. It’s mostly to cover the gray streak. Anyway. Jacob freaked out and screamed the whole time she was doing it. Once I dried it he was fine, but it was awful while we were in the process. He literally screamed for the good part of the 30 min it takes. I guess that’s how kids are though. Haley seemed ok. I remember when I cut my hair when Jacob was 7 months old. He freaked out then too.

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