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thanks to my dear friend, Julie Ball, i FINALLY am the PROUD owner of a SUPER COOL typewriter:


and i got it for only $15! 


this is the SAME Julie who saw a brownie movie camera on her recent trip to Minnesota… and she called me from that antique store to see if i wanted it (um, YES!) and she carried it all the way home for me. she’s the same Julie who took me to garage sales and the thrift store AND the antique store on my last Saturday before Alex was born. and she’s the SAME Julie who found a FREE polaroid camera that day in front of the thrift store (and she let ME have it)! she has also done so many other wonderful things for me and with me in the 4 months that i’ve known her. Julie, i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again: i don’t deserve such a wonderful friend!  :)


while out at some garage sales yesterday (with all three kids in the car, i would like to add!), i found some other fun treasures, too:

i like the number pieces and the paper tally sheets in that game (back left). the playing cards are SQUARE and they were only a quarter, cool find! normally i avoid old photos, but the ones in the typewriter keys were so cheap i had to have them. i’ll probably print some of my hipstamatic photos and glue them over the portraits of random people. the yahtzee scoring tablet was in a FREE pile in front of the thrift store. that cute camera was only $1. i’ve never seen anything like it before. but i figured i might as well continue to add to our (rapidly growing!) camera collection. and that maps book in the back? yeah. here’s that baby:

so cool. transparency maps of the USA (and areas of the USA). plus copies of the maps on stuff as thin as tracing or rice paper. just so darn cool! (and only a quarter, too)!


i also purchased the usual: jeans and shoes for my kids (too big for their immediate use) and a book for Davey (thomas the train). but you saw the things that made me really excited. those photos above. mmmmmm. makes me want to go and play in my craft space!


so that was yesterday. i wonder what today will bring?

one week ago today

one week ago today we got a phone call from my OB’s office. alexandra’s kariotype results were finally available. dr. mora called to tell me the good news: 

she really is perfect. at birth, she was given the "all clear" sign based on listening to her heart and her lungs. and then the special blood work requested by the neonatologists at Swedish came back. alexandra has no genetic disorders (something that was a very big concern back at 28 and 32 weeks). 




some of you have heard me joke that my son looks like his daddy… samantha looks like her auntie rachel (dave’s sister) and alexandra looks like uncle jeff (dave’s brother)… so where are MY kids?


but then i found this photo on my phone, taken with the hipstamatic camera application:

the app is cool b/c it makes each photo look vintage. combine the vintage-ness of this photo with samantha’s hair style and i’d SWEAR it’s a photo of me when i was little. i kid you not.


so i’m pleased to say that i FINALLY see some of ME (physical attributes) in one of my children!


then on sunday, as a family, we went for a little walk around the block. samantha wore her tutu (a gift from auntie rachel). 

i love that the word "tutu" is part of her daily vocabulary now!


and here’s our little man on our family walk:

i love that he enjoys walking along with his hands in his pockets!


p.s. i know the photos are blurry. it’s part of the "charm" of the iphone application. for more info/insight about this iPhone application, see dave’s blog post HERE 



totally unrelated to the above:

* saturday was dave’s company summer picnic. followed by a visit with uncle sterling & auntie rachel. followed by a partial family dinner at dave’s parents’ house.

* on tuesday, alexandra turned 2 weeks old. she’s up to 6 pounds, 9 ounces – ALMOST back to her birth weight. and the doctor is pleased with that since the sweet girl had to spend two days on a light bed. i have to take her back next week for a weight check but there’s no major concern. additionally, it was our anniversary. we did nothing to celebrate. 

* on wednesday, samantha had her (VERY BELATED) 18-month check up (she’s 21 months old now). she weighs 30 pounds and is 35 inches long. that puts her in the 95th and 90th percentiles. yes, this is the kid who says "eat, eat, eat… yummmmmmm" when she sees a commercial about food. or when we say "kids! it’s dinnertime!" additionally, it was dave’s birthday (the big 3-1) and the kids and i delivered cupcakes (48) and brownies to his office. 

* i’ll have davey’s 3-year stats next week wednesday

* this morning i get to take a peek at a typewriter. (the one i previously shared is, unfortunately, no longer available. sigh). apparently there are actually THREE typewriters for me to peruse. i’m quite excited!

* this morning i also get to price items for a garage sale. not my items, but my friend’s items. pricing things is my 2nd favorite garage-sale task. wheeeeee!


8 years

8 years,

7 states visited,

6 employers,

5 vehicles,

4 countries visited, 

3 children,

2 individuals,

who became ONE


HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my amazing husband of 8 years! i love you more every day. Thank you for being a loving, caring, providing husband. for being a loving, fun, entertaining and teaching daddy. for being a hard-working, honest, reliable and intelligent employee. and for every other good quality you possess! you’ve made me a better person by simply knowing you. 


i was never much of a berry fan. not strawberries. not blueberries. not raspberries. not blackberries. but i’d never had any of those FRESH, either. and then i moved here – to the pacific northwest. to the raspberry-growing capital of our country, in fact. and it didn’t change my mind – not at first, that is.


july 1999 (the year i moved here), i fell in love with fresh cherries. i was camping with some friends in eastern washington and YUM! i’d never had a fresh cherry before. only those bright red ones in a jar at the store. and just a year or two ago i was introduced to Rainier Cherries….. even yummier! in fact, i’ve been buying them like CRAZY this year – totally craving them while pregnant and post-pregnant. their season is almost over now, however. 


summer 1999 or 2000 i ate my first fresh-from-the-vine strawberry. so small. so SWEET. so melt-in-your-mouth YUMMY! every year i buy fresh berries at least once or twice a week. i usually just wash them and eat them and eat so many of them i get a sore in my mouth… but i always say it’s worth it b/c they’re that good. i totally craved (and indulged) in eating MANY fresh strawberries this season (it was the end of my pregnancy). next year i hope to take the kids to a field so we can PICK our own (i’ve never yet picked fresh strawberries). 


today – summer 2010 i ate my first fresh-from-the-bush blueberry. mmmmm. i can now say that i DO like blueberries. i’ve never really been a fan before. but today we headed to a local berry patch where you pick your own blueberries (two varieties) for $1 a pound. it’s a place known only by word-of-mouth and i’m tempted to keep it a secret, though i know they’d appreciate the extra business, so i’m obviously not keeping it a secret for long since we just found out about it last night around 5:30!


dave took the day off work (my mom headed for her own home and life yesterday morning – she spent just over 8 weeks with us) and to make the day seem more like part of a "stay-cation" than a "mama’s-not-ready-to-handle-3-kids-all-on-her-own-all-day-yet" situation, we headed to the local patch and picked 21.5 pounds of blueberries. two varieties. one more mild and one a little more tangy. 


samantha actually did pretty well at first. we taught her to pick the blue ones, not the green ones. if she got a green one in her hand, she’d say "NO!" and throw it on the ground. pretty funny. she wasn’t the most careful picker, however, nor did she like to LEAVE the berries in the bucket (she kept dumping her picked berries on the ground) so we eventually took away her bucket and she wandered the berry rows picking up sticks. she was happy. davey did pretty well and actually enjoyed helping us pick the berries. he did take a "picking up sticks" break, too, though. alex stayed asleep in the car in her carseat (the field is small and our vehicle was parked right next to it and we checked on her often). 



our bounty:


one of these years, i suppose, i will learn to like/love a raspberry. i’m not there yet. i like raspberry preserves on homemade bread and on my whole wheat english muffins. and once a year, i’ll eat raspberries on ice cream (at the Raspberry Festival). but that’s about it for me and raspberries. and it’s a shame – my dear friend has massive raspberry fields in her backyard (they rent out some land) and we’re allowed to pick them (free of charge) as long as the berry pickers have already been down the rows that day. 


so there’s my story of berries. if you’re like me (or if your kids are like me) and you (they) don’t like berries… make sure they get to try FRESH from the vine or bush berries… they are TOTALLY different than those you buy at the grocery store. YUM-YUM!

good things

"Good things come to those who wait."


it’s a saying i’ve heard often in my lifetime. today, i’m reflecting how true that is for me. with both big things and small things.


a small thing like THIS is making me happy today. my friend’s mom has one of these and i’m excited to purchase it from her and use it in my craft area! i’ve been wanting a vintage typewriter for awhile now… i think this one is pretty cool. 


and you already know that we waited quite awhile for this one to arrive:


and now i’m waiting, patiently, for potty training with davey to resume and with samantha to begin. my goal: before the end of the year. we have just under 6 months. i think it’s possible. very, very possible. but i need to get my "mama to three" legs under me first. potty training can’t be easy when you’re nursing a newborn every 1-2 hours!

first play date

we had our visit from the home care nurse yesterday morning. i was a little worried about a morning visit since we’d just been seen the previous afternoon and we hadn’t had another full 24 hours for alex to be on the light bed and to gain weight. but we got the call around 1:30 this afternoon. Alex’s biliribbin level dropped again. and her weight increased (slightly) again. and we were given the "all clear" to stop phototherapy. HOORAY!


davey and samantha were napping, so alexandra and i hopped in the car (i guarantee you it was a longer process than that makes it sound!). we drove a few miles out of town to get some fresh rainier cherries at a road side stand (they weren’t there yesterday and i was quite agitated about it!) and then we had a play date with my friend Karla and her baby, Elijah, who was born about 45 minutes before Alex. and they were delivered by the same doctor. 


they both ate during their play date. and they took little naps (they were both "out cold" for awhile). and they both got diaper changes. and i took a lot of photos. but i won’t make you endure all of them. just a few:



a cool thing happened yesterday, too. dr. mora, a partner at bellingham OB-GYN, and my 2nd choice OB doctor behind dr. mallory, called yesterday to see how baby daisy was doing. seriously. he just wanted an update. he’d been thinking about her. and he’d talked with dr. mallory to learn about her birth. but he wanted to make sure nothing of medical concern/note had popped up over the first week of her life. and i think that was cool. he also asked me to please bring alex/daisy to my 6-week follow-up appointment at their office so everyone could meet my miracle baby. 


all-in-all, yesterday was a good day. today is our last day with nana (she leaves tomorrow morning) and that’s sad. i don’t know what the kids are going to do without her – how they’ll react. i don’t know what i’m going to do without her. for the past 8 weeks, i’ve been able to take a nap anytime of the day. and i’ve been able to "sleep in" in the morning. and i’ve been able to schedule appointments and come and go as i please (mostly). and that all changes tomorrow. 


we’re so thankful to my mom for giving up her life for 8 long weeks. she gave up her friends. her church. her pool. the hot (and humid) east coast weather (that she loves). her home. her mail. her car. her hobbies. her activities. her routine. her life. we honestly don’t know how we would have survived these past 8 weeks without you, mom/nana. thank you for dropping EVERYTHING to help us. to love us. to care for the kids. and hopefully you don’t feel like you’ve "had your fill" of us for the year, ‘cuz we’d love to see you again in october for samantha’s birthday!

in a week

just a week ago, this little girl entered our life:



and she spends most of her day sleeping. 



in case you’re wondering, th LOVE her:


… or in Davey’s case, "i yuv and yike her" (meaning "i love and like her"). and samantha can often be heard asking "baby? baby?" as she wanders the house searching for her baby sister. 


on wednesday, we left the hospital and headed home. it’s always good to be home after being away, but there’s something especially wonderful about HOME after being in the hospital. we learned that alex likes to WAKE UP around 9 p.m. (when i’m starting to think about bed) and she stays awake until about 2 a.m. so yes, i am exhausted. but it’s all good. she’s worth it. though at about 1:30 each morning i’m not so sure i would admit that!

we also learned that she LIKES to be swaddled. tightly. many thanks to my friend Sarah Saunders who sent us the Miracle Blanket (seen in above photo) back when Davey was born. it really does work miracles!


on Thursday (15th), we celebrated Davey’s THIRD birthday. He tells ANYONE who’ll listen (and even people who won’t) that "i’m this many" as he holds up one hand with 3 fingers. his big gift this year came from us and it’s a Strider bike. it has no chain and no pedals and kids are supposed to use their feet to push themselves along (what most kids do before they learn how to pedal anyway). the idea behind the bike is kids learn to balance and will not need a "regular " bike with training wheels. by the age of 5 (if not sooner), davey should be ready to move up to a regular bike. since we’d only been home from the hospital for a day, we simply enjoyed a quiet meal (chicken strips, french fries and mac&cheese) at home. and then we made an impromptu ice cream sundae (complete with a candle) for his dessert. 






on Friday we noticed that alex has some jaundice, so we put her in the sun that was shining through the living room windows: 


we had hoped this would make enough of a difference in her jaundice level. we had a home visiting nurse stop by and after weighing alexandra, we learned that she had a 12% weight loss (from her birth weight). NOT a good thing. 


additionally, alexandra experienced her first bath at home (in the kitchen sink):


on saturday we visited the Raspberry Festival in downtown Lynden. we enjoyed pulled pork sandwiches, local ice cream & fresh raspberries, antique cars, tractors, vendors and more. the kids, however, most enjoyed the bounce house:


they both cried when it was time to leave the house. thankfully there should be one at dave’s company picnic next saturday, so they’ll be able to jump and bounce to their heart’s content (for free!) once again!


sunday brought about alexandra’s first trip to church:

that afternoon we learned that her biliribbin level was too high (19.8) and she had gained all of 1/2 an ounce so "phototherapy" (aka: a light bed – or a bilibed) was ordered. 


and that evening, we celebrated davey’s birthday with my mom and dave’s parents AND with an ice cream cake. we had an indoor bbq/picnic (hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, watermelon, etc.). davey received a spiderman helmet and horn to use with his new bike. the helmet is cool. the horn may magically disappear soon, though, as it’s quite obnoxious. 



on monday, samantha’s weight had increased 1.5 ounces and her biliribbin level had decreased to 15.4, so there’s hope that today will be the final day of bilibed use for baby alexandra. 

baby fix


if you’d like to see some adorable photos of my sweet baby Alexandra, check out my friend’s blog post for today: Julie’s BLOG    


i can’t wait to get my hands on some of those photos and scrap them! i also haven’t yet seen what photos dave has taken of Alex… perhaps i should go get his camera and take a peek?














long overdue


i need to say a very BIG and very PUBLIC THANK YOU  to my mom. she arrived here in Lynden back at the end of May. and Daisy’s birthday (the 13th) marked her SEVENTH week in our house. sleeping on camping mats on the floor in the bonus room. caring for her two youngest grandchildren almost non-stop. as soon as i was put on bed rest, we called her and she came right out to help. no hesitation.


seriously, mom, without you, i have no idea what we would have done. she spent over 3 weeks taking full-time care of davey and samantha. and she’s spent the last 4 weeks STILL taking almost full-time care of them. thank you, mom. she has booked her flight home for next week thursday – less than a week away. our home will not be the same without you. i don’t even want to THINK about the tantrums and tears that will occur when the kids realize nana’s gone. 


and we also need to say thank you to these people:

dave’s parents. before my mom flew out here, they put in a lot of extra time helping with the kids. watching them. running errands. driving them around. and they put in some hours even after my mom arrived. and they’ll put in even more time once my mom leaves. 


we are SO BLESSED to have families who LOVE us, CARE for us, HELPS us and that they do it all with smiles on their faces.