so i decided to treat myself yesterday. after the fun and successful garage sales, i relaxed with my family, did some laundry (the new purchases), ate McD’s for lunch and while the kids were napping and Dave was doing yard work, i went to my craft space AND I PLAYED with new supplies! for the past few months, i’ve been collecting supplies. now that Baby Daisy’s album is 95% complete (i just have to add the name of each month above the appropriate calendar), i treated myself to some time in my space…. playing instead of cleaning.


after 3 hours, i had a pretty sore back, but 4 completed layouts (well, that’s a lie… one layout still needs journaling). wanna see?




i apologize for the less-than-stellar photos. each layout is a 12×12 square, but it’s not super easy to take a good photo of them when you’re lazy like i am! it took a little bit of time for me to get back into a groove, but i’m mostly happy with the results of these pages. i’ve been "itching" to craft for awhile, too, so it felt good to finally use some of the stash i’ve been collecting lately! and i DID use some of my newly purchased garage-sale trims (on those first two layouts)!

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