sneak peak

i know, i know… i got off bed rest and i’ve posted LESS than i did when i was ON bed rest. we’ve had lots of fun things going on lately (grandpa’s birthday, father’s day, etc.) but for now, i want to share with you a link to some SNEAK PEAK photos…. 


my friend Carly (she was one of the asst managers at the scrapbook store where i taught card classes) is now a full-time photographer. i asked her if she would be willing to do a maternity photo shoot and we managed to squeeze it in last week one morning between rain drops! here’s a link to her blog with some of her favorite photos from my session!


as for an update on Daisy, my appointment last week Friday went well. I finally got to see my OB and he told me that he’s really hoping that I get to deliver Baby Daisy up here. I think he really hopes to be the one to deliver her, too (he’s in a practice with several other OBs so there’s no guarantee that he’ll deliver my sweet girl). it’s also his thought that when we go back to seattle (tomorrow!) that they’ll send us home after the various appointments (another fetal echocardiogram and a growth-check ultrasound and a follow-up with a perinatologist). 


so let’s pray Dr. Mallory is correct and that when Dave drives home tomorrow, I’ll be in the car with him. and if we REALLY want to get specific, since early on in this pregnancy (before we even knew anything might be wrong with our daughter), my goal was to carry this child until June 30th. That would be next week Wednesday. And ultimately, I’d still like to do that… for whatever reason, i think June 30th would be a wonderful birthday for this sweet little thing!  :)



2 thoughts on “sneak peak

  1. June 30 sounds like a great birthday! Carly did a great job with your photos – how fun! Where was that field? Praying for you at your appointments this morning.

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