seattle update #3

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

So the best news of all: I’M BACK AT HOME! 
Our Seattle visit to Swedish today involved two ultrasounds (one growth check and one fetal echocardiogram) followed by a consult with one of the perinatologists. In brief, the two ultrasounds revealed:
- a growing baby (guesstimated to weigh 6 lb 3 oz)
- higher than normal amniotic fluid (at 22 – normal is 10-20 and "too high" is over 25)
- no visible hole in the heart valves
- normal squeeze, pump, blood flow in and out of the heart, normal functioning heart valves
- normal size heart in relation to the baby’s chest size
- no fluid in or around the heart
- no pleural effusion (fluid on the lungs)
- normal heart beat
- mostly normal size heart chambers/ventricles (one is slightly enlarged which is likely due to the umbilical vein dumping straight into the inferior vena cava)
Dr. Kraybill, the fetal cardiologist, is comfortable with the idea of us delivering this baby girl in Bellingham. Dr. Gorenberg, the consulting perinatologist, is also comfortable with the idea of us delivering this baby girl in Bellingham – AS LONG AS the Bellingham physicians feel comfortable. 
So now we’re simply waiting for Dr. Gorenberg to talk with Dr. Mallory (our Bellingham OB) to update him on today’s results and for Dr. Mallory to indicate whether or not he/they (his office) feels confident/comfortable delivering Baby Daisy locally. (Dr. Mallory was out of the office today). 
We DO have a follow-up ultrasound scheduled in two weeks in Seattle (July 8) that we’re not planning on attending (we’re planning to have canceled the appointment b/c we’re assuming Daisy will have already arrived). Additionally, I need to continue to follow-up in Bellingham twice a week with NSTs and once a week with an AFI (amniotic fluid) check ultrasound.
Of note, I was NOT examined today. Dr. Gorenberg was willing but I declined, for fear of being told I was dilating and would be kept in Seattle instead of being released home!  :)   I imagine that Bellingham will begin to check me at least once a week now. I have been having contractions (light and irregular) for the past few days. Daisy continues to move and wiggle like crazy. She still loves to stick her bum and/or her feet up under my ribs which is highly uncomfortable for me. 
So there you have it. The power of prayer. The Great Physician at work. We’re encouraged and we’re convinced, more than ever, that this baby will be delivered at our hospital in Bellingham. 
We are so thankful to our amazing Heavenly Father for His grace and mercy. And we continue to be thankful for our family and friends who have been upholding us in prayer. We’ve almost made it to delivery, dear friends, so keep praying!  

5 thoughts on “seattle update #3

  1. AWESOME news!
    Glad to hear it. My sister had her baby girl today which incidentally is also my other sister’s birthday so they are using her name as the middle name for the baby. How cool is that…

    Can’t wait to hear more good news and “meet” baby Daisy.
    Great photo shoot with our talented Carly…

    Thinking of you!

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