samantha and elijah

throughout the "chaos" of this pregnancy, i have been SO VERY BLESSED to have wonderful and helpful friends who have provided meals, child care, telephone chats, errand running, visits, treats and more. i cannot thank them all enough. i really can’t. God has truly blessed me with amazing friends who truly LOVE my kids.


last week, taya watched my kiddos (along with her own, Isaiah who is 5 and Elijah who is 22 months – one month older than Samantha). Elijah and Samantha were sitting on the stairs just enjoying each other’s company and Taya snapped a few photos, which i just HAVE to share with you:



i seriously wish i could’ve watched their interaction in person, but these photos tell a great story and i’m VERY excited to print them AND scrapbook them!

One thought on “samantha and elijah

  1. thanks for letting us have them. we all had so much fun! love your kiddos. =) we’ve got a couple little videos too. the files were just too big to send. let us know when we can have them again! =)

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