finally the end

it’s tuesday, june 15th and it’s the end of my bed rest. yep. my appointment today went well. i’m 35 weeks along and Daisy’s amniotic fluid level is still in the normal range. she was cooperative on the NST. and she’s still moving around a lot. and something cool: we could see on the ultrasound that she apparently has a head of thick hair!


i go back to Bellingham again on friday (for another NST) and then it’s down to Seattle next week wednesday for a follow-up with the peri-natologists and the fetal heart specialist. i’m still praying that i’ll make it to June 30 (37 weeks and 1 day) – that’s been my goal from the beginning of this pregnancy (before we knew of any issues or problems) and with each day that passes, i’m one day closer to that goal! it’s hard to believe that we’ve been living this story for 6 weeks now. God has been so faithful, kind and gracious to us. we still covet your prayers.



One thought on “finally the end

  1. Yipee! You know however… I’m voting for June 21st! :O) (purely selfish reasons)
    Praying as always for His perfect timing. Love you!

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