bellingham update #3

Wednesday: June 2, 2010 So yesterday the doctor had requested a BPP (bio physical profile) which is an ultrasound where they watch for and/or measure specific things to make sure a baby appears healthy. The baby has 30 minutes to "pass" though I’m not sure what happens when a baby doesn’t pass. Nor am i certain what is a passing score. In the final minutes, however, Daisy pulled it out with a final score of 8/8. I’m not entirely sure what is measured in a BPP, but based on some internet research (seriously, what did we do before we had Google?), I’ve discovered that a BPP measures for 5 main things. They are as follows: – breathing – body movement – muscle tone – heart rate – amount of amniotic fluid Daisy’s amniotic fluid levels (which were in the high range of normal a month ago) are still in the middle range of normal, as they have been for the past few weeks. Additionally, no one can see any fluid on/around her lungs, so it appears that the pleural effusion has disappeared, as well. These are two huge answers to prayer and I wanted you to know that God hears the cries of His people! Overall, it appears that Daisy is doing really well. We had a slight "startle" last Friday when her heart rate went wacko during the 30 minute NST (non-stress test). Her heart rate spiked into the 180s and 190s (it’s normally between 120-170 with a baseline of 140-150). I ended up on the monitor for a long, LONG time that day (well over 70 minutes total) but for the last 40-45 minutes, she was back to normal and the doctor’s best guess is she was dreaming during the beginning of the test. (I have since read that it’s normal for a baby’s heart rate to increase during the REM/dream portion of sleep). While Daisy is doing well and we’ve had two doctors (one in Bellingham and one in Seattle) tell us that they’re hopeful she’ll be completely normal at birth, there are still some big concerns. The biggest is that her condition (the misplaced umbilical vein), while actually somewhat common (1 out of 1000 babies), could lead to heart failure. Apparently that’s the #1 threat to her health. That heart failure could happen anytime from now, through delivery and even after birth. I’m guessing this is because her umbilical vein leads directly to the inferior vena cava and therefore sends more blood than necessary through the heart, causing the heart to work that much harder to pump out the extra blood. So even though Daisy is doing GREAT and is seeming to beat the odds right now, we want to continue to pray for her growth (every day she spends inside me is 2 days she shouldn’t have to spend in the hospital!) and for her heart. I’m 33 weeks plus 1 day today. I have to make it to 35 weeks in order to deliver in Bellingham. If I make it to 36 weeks, I’ll return to Seattle for more testing. I think Seattle plans to induce me at 37 weeks. I’m doing as well as can be expected on bed/couch rest. It’s amazing how quickly the body can slow down. It’s also surprising to me how quickly I can become overwhelmed if there are a lot of people around or if there’s a lot of activity around me all at once. Again, I want thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers during this time. While God is giving us peace about Daisy, it’s definitely difficult to live an experience like this. Dave and I are eager for life to return to "normal" – whatever that will be with 3 kids! At the same time, we’re praying hard that I’ll remain pregnant for at least 2 more weeks.

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  1. Great news. I loved how you put it… every day in keeps her out of the hospital two…. that’s what I’m going to focus prayer on… day by day. Thanks again for today… Henry really enjoyed playing at Davy’s house.

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