another Baby Daisy update

 Tuesday: June 8, 2010 I want to take this opportunity to encourage you all to keep praying for sweet Baby Daisy. God is hearing the voices of His people and He’s answering them in ways we couldn’t possibly have imagined! A few weeks ago, we weren’t sure how long I’d be able to stay pregnant or how early this sweet girl would be born. Ultimately, that’s still the case, but today marks 34 weeks of pregnancy which means I can deliver in Bellingham if I go into labor (huge relief for me)! Additionally, today was my weekly ultrasound and my bi-weekly NST and doctor’s visit. As per the last several ultrasounds, Daisy’s amniotic fluid level is still in the normal range. Then they did a quick check for additional fluid through out her chest and upper body. They were checking for "hydrops" which is when a baby with vascular and/or heart issues begins to collect fluid under the skin (in the arms, in the heart, etc.) and it’s a sign that the baby is beginning to struggle. Daisy had NONE of this fluid visible IN her body! God is performing a miracle right here in my body, dear family and friends. And despite some discomfort that I’m feeling (simply at getting so darn LARGE!), i’ve had no other problems – no contractions (regular or braxton-hicks) and my bed/couch rest seems to be working. The ultrasound tech and I think that Daisy just wanted some extra love and attention BEFORE her arrival. Dave and I continue to thank you for all your prayers and we ask you to please keep praying! I am so excited to be able to continue to share good news with you. And I am giving all the praise to God – Daisy is HIS child and even though she has not yet been born, God is healing her and working miracles in her tiny body.

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