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samantha and elijah

throughout the "chaos" of this pregnancy, i have been SO VERY BLESSED to have wonderful and helpful friends who have provided meals, child care, telephone chats, errand running, visits, treats and more. i cannot thank them all enough. i really can’t. God has truly blessed me with amazing friends who truly LOVE my kids.


last week, taya watched my kiddos (along with her own, Isaiah who is 5 and Elijah who is 22 months – one month older than Samantha). Elijah and Samantha were sitting on the stairs just enjoying each other’s company and Taya snapped a few photos, which i just HAVE to share with you:



i seriously wish i could’ve watched their interaction in person, but these photos tell a great story and i’m VERY excited to print them AND scrapbook them!


it never ceases to amaze me HOW QUICKLY kids can fall into a routine. and how IMPORTANT that can become to them.

as a family, we pray before we eat meals. we sit at the table, we hold hands with each other and we close our eyes and dave prays. when the extended Dunkin clan is together, there’s a family prayer that we all say in unison (i believe Dave’s grandparents started that tradition).


SIDE STORY: the first time i had dinner with the Dunkins, back when Dave and i were dating, i hadn’t been forewarned about the family prayer. but i was later told "you get a pass the first time you eat with us. but the 2nd time, you should know the prayer." granted, they were joking… but since i wasn’t exactly sure (i wasn’t fully aware of the Dunkin Sense of Humor quite yet), i was NERVOUS on our way there for my SECOND family dinner. i kept repeating the prayer and i kept asking dave "is it ____ or is it ____?" (i don’t recall my actual "issues" with remembering the prayer). so the second time i ever ate dinner with the Dunkins, i said the prayer. and i think i got all the words right, even. i was pretty proud of myself. and then Tom (who was only 10 or 11 at the time) looked across the table and said something about me needing to work on my timing. guess i wasn’t as good as i thought. 


But back to the story at hand: our kids don’t know the family prayer yet, but they will. for now, however, it’s VERY IMPORTANT to samantha that we remember to hold hands and close our eyes when we pray. she is often the first person to reach out to hold someone’s hand (currently my hand and nana’s hand). some evenings she even wants us to pray multiple times DURING a meal. she squints her eyes really tight (so they’re not always all the way closed) and when we finish, she says "Ah-Mah" (for "amen"). it’s something i find so precious. 



**The Dunkin Family Prayer**

"Father, we thank Thee for this food. Bless it to our use and us to Thy service. In Jesus name, Amen." 

When it’s someone’s birthday, Dave’s Dad will add "and thank you for xxxx" (insert the name of the birthday person). 


fire! fire! fire!

over a week ago we celebrated my father-in-law’s birthday (this year it was the day before Father’s Day). we had a family dinner (only Sterling & Rachel were missing), followed by cake, ice cream and presents. in an effort to make it EVEN MORE festive, my mother-in-law purchased "sparkler" candles. those suckers are NOT easy to light. i think we had 7 people (including the birthday guy) working on getting them all lit!


(then again, it didn’t help that davey kept trying to blow them out before they were all lit!)


but even if they had been "easy" candles to light, it still would’ve been a challenge because there were SO. DARN. MANY. to light:


so not only did it take awhile to get the cake ready, but we sang the Happy Birthday song QUITE a bit faster than normal and it took MULTIPLE intakes of breath (by Grandpa & Davey) to blow out all of those candles:


here’s a look at the aftermath of the candle debacle:

… colored wax everywhere! i LOVED the idea of the "sparkler" candles (and i’m glad mom purchased them!). i just wish the candle-making company had executed them better. 


i don’t remember everything that dad received, but i think he felt a little spoiled. then again, he’s pretty easy to please. we bought him a grill set (tongs, scraper, etc.) since he & mom inherited our hand-me-down grill when we purchased a new one about a month ago. 


so dad, my apologies that your birthday post is late, but know that we all love you and appreciate who you are and what you do!


so i decided to treat myself yesterday. after the fun and successful garage sales, i relaxed with my family, did some laundry (the new purchases), ate McD’s for lunch and while the kids were napping and Dave was doing yard work, i went to my craft space AND I PLAYED with new supplies! for the past few months, i’ve been collecting supplies. now that Baby Daisy’s album is 95% complete (i just have to add the name of each month above the appropriate calendar), i treated myself to some time in my space…. playing instead of cleaning.


after 3 hours, i had a pretty sore back, but 4 completed layouts (well, that’s a lie… one layout still needs journaling). wanna see?




i apologize for the less-than-stellar photos. each layout is a 12×12 square, but it’s not super easy to take a good photo of them when you’re lazy like i am! it took a little bit of time for me to get back into a groove, but i’m mostly happy with the results of these pages. i’ve been "itching" to craft for awhile, too, so it felt good to finally use some of the stash i’ve been collecting lately! and i DID use some of my newly purchased garage-sale trims (on those first two layouts)!

fun finds!

today is saturday. that means i went to some garage sales. and i did that yesterday, too. and i scored pretty big, i think. between the two days, i found around 50 items of clothing (for Daisy, Samantha and Davey) for under $18:

including a thomas the train costume for davey:

(i think he likes it!)


oh yeah – do you see that pink & white doll in that clothing photo? that’s Lolly the Dolly. she’s made by Fisher Price and is from 1975. When I was just a few weeks shy of turning 1 (so at Christmas), my Uncle Jim (mom’s younger brother) and Aunt Jeannie gave me a doll JUST LIKE THAT. she’s a doll/rattle. I actually still have her. when we were last at my mom’s house (almost 2 years ago), i brought home my Lolly the Dolly. i’ve never seen another one. ever. until today. at a garage sale. she was pretty dirty. and she was only a dime. seriously. a dime. so i brought her home, put her in the washing machine and checked on e-bay. there’s one listed right now for $20 but the sale has no bidders. so i’ll hang on to her for a little while longer. 


Davey also scored a Radio Flyer scooter:


and not to be left out, samantha scored some new sandals:

(which she wanted to wear IMMEDIATELY and wore for most of the rest of the day!) AND she scored a new doll:

Hey Jenn, are you reading this? do you recognize that doll? it’s a "my child" doll (i remember them from the mid-1980s…. my friend, Jenn, had one… i think her name was Jamie?). i bought the doll for nostalgia reasons for ME, but she was only a quarter (these dolls are selling for around $20 on ebay right now) and she washed up quite nicely in the washing machine. 



i found a lot of scrapbooking goodies (ric rac, trims, buttons, etc.) for good prices:


and a new bag:

do you think i can use it as a purse? it’s actually a diaper bag. but i fell in love with it. and it was only a quarter. i kid you not. 


even Dave wasn’t left out of this weekend’s purchases. I added to his (our) camera collection with a $1 polaroid camera (including flashes!): 


in addition to all of those items, i also found a few children’s books, some children’s DVDs, a new belt (for my post-baby stomach), the old school game of Memory, an old set of children’s animal dominos (cards, not tiles), some playing cards (perhaps another matching memory game?) from my childhood, some shoes for Daisy and another pair of sandals (white) for Samantha, some good condition Ball jars for my friend, Julie Ball and I can’t remember what else! It was a successful garage sale weekend, i believe. and 95% of the items are already put away (and the clothing has been washed)! so that’s a major success, yes?


and for those of you keeping tabs on me, i did have an OB appointment yesterday. simply another non-stress test (test #10 in Bellingham) followed by an appointment with one of the partners. no exam (so i have no idea if i’m dilated further than 1 cm, which is where i was about 5 weeks ago). but i am to continue with twice weekly visits in Bellingham. and at 39 weeks, if i’m still pregnant, then the Bellingham doctors will think about inducing me. seriously? 39 weeks? is it actually possible for me to make it THAT far into a pregnancy?


to those who have been praying with me (for months) that i would deliver on Wednesday, June 30th, PLEASE STOP! seriously! i’m not a fan of the doctor who’s "on" for deliveries that day, so i really do NOT want to be in labor on wednesday. my OB is on call on Monday, so that would be fine. Tuesday would be okay, but not preferred. and i’m not sure who starts on Thursday, but at this point, i REALLY want MY OB have the opportunity to deliver Baby Daisy, so we’re shooting for this Monday (the 28th) or sometime after Wednesday (i’m not sure when he’s on call next, but i’ll find out this week)!


seattle update #3

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

So the best news of all: I’M BACK AT HOME! 
Our Seattle visit to Swedish today involved two ultrasounds (one growth check and one fetal echocardiogram) followed by a consult with one of the perinatologists. In brief, the two ultrasounds revealed:
- a growing baby (guesstimated to weigh 6 lb 3 oz)
- higher than normal amniotic fluid (at 22 – normal is 10-20 and "too high" is over 25)
- no visible hole in the heart valves
- normal squeeze, pump, blood flow in and out of the heart, normal functioning heart valves
- normal size heart in relation to the baby’s chest size
- no fluid in or around the heart
- no pleural effusion (fluid on the lungs)
- normal heart beat
- mostly normal size heart chambers/ventricles (one is slightly enlarged which is likely due to the umbilical vein dumping straight into the inferior vena cava)
Dr. Kraybill, the fetal cardiologist, is comfortable with the idea of us delivering this baby girl in Bellingham. Dr. Gorenberg, the consulting perinatologist, is also comfortable with the idea of us delivering this baby girl in Bellingham – AS LONG AS the Bellingham physicians feel comfortable. 
So now we’re simply waiting for Dr. Gorenberg to talk with Dr. Mallory (our Bellingham OB) to update him on today’s results and for Dr. Mallory to indicate whether or not he/they (his office) feels confident/comfortable delivering Baby Daisy locally. (Dr. Mallory was out of the office today). 
We DO have a follow-up ultrasound scheduled in two weeks in Seattle (July 8) that we’re not planning on attending (we’re planning to have canceled the appointment b/c we’re assuming Daisy will have already arrived). Additionally, I need to continue to follow-up in Bellingham twice a week with NSTs and once a week with an AFI (amniotic fluid) check ultrasound.
Of note, I was NOT examined today. Dr. Gorenberg was willing but I declined, for fear of being told I was dilating and would be kept in Seattle instead of being released home!  :)   I imagine that Bellingham will begin to check me at least once a week now. I have been having contractions (light and irregular) for the past few days. Daisy continues to move and wiggle like crazy. She still loves to stick her bum and/or her feet up under my ribs which is highly uncomfortable for me. 
So there you have it. The power of prayer. The Great Physician at work. We’re encouraged and we’re convinced, more than ever, that this baby will be delivered at our hospital in Bellingham. 
We are so thankful to our amazing Heavenly Father for His grace and mercy. And we continue to be thankful for our family and friends who have been upholding us in prayer. We’ve almost made it to delivery, dear friends, so keep praying!  

sneak peak

i know, i know… i got off bed rest and i’ve posted LESS than i did when i was ON bed rest. we’ve had lots of fun things going on lately (grandpa’s birthday, father’s day, etc.) but for now, i want to share with you a link to some SNEAK PEAK photos…. 


my friend Carly (she was one of the asst managers at the scrapbook store where i taught card classes) is now a full-time photographer. i asked her if she would be willing to do a maternity photo shoot and we managed to squeeze it in last week one morning between rain drops! here’s a link to her blog with some of her favorite photos from my session!


as for an update on Daisy, my appointment last week Friday went well. I finally got to see my OB and he told me that he’s really hoping that I get to deliver Baby Daisy up here. I think he really hopes to be the one to deliver her, too (he’s in a practice with several other OBs so there’s no guarantee that he’ll deliver my sweet girl). it’s also his thought that when we go back to seattle (tomorrow!) that they’ll send us home after the various appointments (another fetal echocardiogram and a growth-check ultrasound and a follow-up with a perinatologist). 


so let’s pray Dr. Mallory is correct and that when Dave drives home tomorrow, I’ll be in the car with him. and if we REALLY want to get specific, since early on in this pregnancy (before we even knew anything might be wrong with our daughter), my goal was to carry this child until June 30th. That would be next week Wednesday. And ultimately, I’d still like to do that… for whatever reason, i think June 30th would be a wonderful birthday for this sweet little thing!  :)



finally the end

it’s tuesday, june 15th and it’s the end of my bed rest. yep. my appointment today went well. i’m 35 weeks along and Daisy’s amniotic fluid level is still in the normal range. she was cooperative on the NST. and she’s still moving around a lot. and something cool: we could see on the ultrasound that she apparently has a head of thick hair!


i go back to Bellingham again on friday (for another NST) and then it’s down to Seattle next week wednesday for a follow-up with the peri-natologists and the fetal heart specialist. i’m still praying that i’ll make it to June 30 (37 weeks and 1 day) – that’s been my goal from the beginning of this pregnancy (before we knew of any issues or problems) and with each day that passes, i’m one day closer to that goal! it’s hard to believe that we’ve been living this story for 6 weeks now. God has been so faithful, kind and gracious to us. we still covet your prayers.



making me smile

it’s rainy and dreary here (even though it was supposed to be nice and sunny today). so let’s talk about happy things… 10 things/people that make me smile (in NO particular order)….


1. my kiddos. last week saturday, davey got his hair cut. i wanted a summer ‘do so i wanted it short enough to spike…. here he is in all his short haired glory:

it took me a few days to get used to seeing him with his hair so short… initially he just looked so much older to me! but now that i’m used to it, he’s back to his usual self (in my brain, at least) and i adore his silly grins and poses for the camera!


as for samantha, she’s still a complete individual with a mind of her own. the arrival of Baby Daisy is going to be a bit of a rude awakening for her, we think, but in the long run it’ll also be really good for her. despite what she thinks, the world does NOT revolve around her!  :)  here she is in daddy’s shoes and her new (4T and way too big) raincoat, purchased last weekend for $1 (i did not manage to get it put into her closet "to grow" bins before she found it!):

i LOVE this picture b/c it’s so rare for me to look at samantha and say "she looks so little!" she’s as big as her brother (maybe a few inches shorter) and at 20 months, she’s wearing size 2T clothing (and has been for at least 2-3 months now), so "little" is not a word that most people use when they see my Monkey-Moo!


2. thinking that bed/couch rest might be ending soon (i should find out early next week).

3. KNOWING that there are people around the country AND around the world praying for sweet Baby Daisy – and KNOWING that God is hearing the prayers of His people and is ANSWERING those prayers!

4. friends. i’ve had lots of friends love on me (and my family) over the past few weeks. meals, phone calls, cookies & other tasty treats, visits and more. i am very, very blessed.

5. good deals. found a twin bed frame on craigslist this week for $15. dave’ll pick it up today and we’ll move samantha into davey’s room this weekend. then we can get the nursery ready for daisy (aka: re-assemble the crib).

6. pleasant doctors. i’ll admit it: when i first learned that my OB, Dr. Tu, was moving back to Seattle, i was VERY upset. she delivered both davey and samantha. i LOVED her. i had NO DESIRE to go to BOGA (Bellingham OB-GYN) or to the two other OB doctors in Bellingham. seriously – our options are limited here. but i’ve been SO THANKFUL for dr. mallory as he’s walked with us through this whole "situation" with Baby Daisy.  it was actually a mistake on my part to list Mallory as my OB (i meant to say "mora" but i kept getting the two confused) but God knew. Mallory is the best fit and he’s super optimistic. i’m grateful for him!

7. strawberries… local, fresh, early strawberries are being sold already in little stands here. i can’t wait for the really good, peak of the season strawberries. i will gladly suffer sores in my mouth for those sweet, tasty bites!

8. fast food. i’m loving it right now, which is NOT normal for me. McD’s, Taco Bell, Arby’s…. mmmmm!

9. Thai food – i love it when Dave has the energy, time and ingredients to make me Chicken Pad Thai and/or Prik Kingh Curry. so yummy!

10. flip flops. ‘nuf said!


what things are making you smile these days?

box of happiness

who says happiness can’t come in a box? i know my friend Julie would agree with me. she found some goodies at the thrift store this week and some of them came in a box and made her very happy! (heck, just looking at the photos of her boxed items made me drool with happiness and jealousy!)


but my happiness this week came in this box: 

i picked out this happy box from lowes on sunday. it was $114 plus tax. i’m sure i could’ve ordered the SAME THING on-line from walmart for less, but i was under a time constraint. and it was money well spent, as you will soon see.


since my dear husband has MORE than enough to do around this house already with me still being on bed/couch rest (i really AM trying, but my organizing gene and my "nesting" instincts have gone into overdrive – i have too much time to THINK these days!), but i digress…. since Dave has more than enough to do already, i hired a friend to install it the system in davey’s closet. i needed a way to be able to fit ALL of davey AND samantha’s clothing in that ONE closet (and since each of them had a full closet of their own… i wasn’t sure how well it’d work). 


Jayson spent 2-3 hours moving the existing shelf (with hanging space) up a few inches and installing the new organizing system. when i got home from my OB appointment on Tuesday, he had the shelves and drawers in place!


by the end of the day, Davey’s closet had been transformed into Davey AND Samantha’s closet. And it looks like this:



i was amazed. impressed. and filled with glee. 


and then i overdid it a bit because i was eager to get Daisy’s clothing out of our closet and out of our room (it was in bags and boxes and bins ALL OVER our bedroom floor). so Samantha’s closet (aka: the nursery closet – soon to be Daisy’s closet) now looks like this:

some preemie items, newborn items and size 0-3 are currently hanging in the closet. the dresser drawers are filled with baby jammies and baby socks and bibs and burp cloths and receiving blankets galore. 


our bedroom still has some things of Daisy’s that need to get moved to her room. new clothing items with tags (i’m waiting to see if she’s a preemie before we remove the tags and wash everything) and some "too big" items picked up at garage sales over the course of this summer. but those things will move in due time. for now, i feel like we’re making progress in preparing our home for the arrival of this little girl.


this weekend we’re moving Samantha’s bed into Davey’s room. then Dave can re-assemble the crib in the nursery. and then i think we’ll be physically ready for Daisy’s arrival. 


and all this organization and satisfaction happened because of that one box. who knew?!