super boy & update

we received another package from nana over the weekend. she included a hand made cape for SUPER BOY… aka: davey. i took these photos with my iPhone while he was running and i was stuck… i mean trapped… i mean resting on the couch. so he’s small and far away in them. and they’re blurry. but i like ‘em anyway. someday i’ll get to edit them a bit but for now, bear with me, okay?



SCIENCE SIDE NOTE: Fetal Fibronectin (fFN) is a protein in the uterus that acts as a "glue" to hold the amniotic sac to the uterine wall. a fFN test should not pop positive after the 1st trimester and through week 34 of pregnancy because it means the fFN protein (the "glue") is breaking down to allow the sac to pull away from the wall (part of the body’s process of preparing for birth). statics are varied, but the percentage of women who DELIVER a baby within 2 weeks of a "positive" fFN test are pretty high. IF they’re having other labor symptoms. 


i had to wait a LONG time yesterday to get my fetal fibronectin (fFN) test. they neglected to tell me i’d be with the on-call doctor – my frustration level might not have raised so high had i realized i’d spend more time waiting to see the doctor than even driving to the darn office! my appointment was scheduled for 2:10 and i didn’t see the doctor until 2:56 (trust me, i’m sure – i was planning on leaving at 3 with or without the test!)! and it took less than 5 minutes to take a sample swap, a manual exam (still only dilated to 1), measure me and listen to Daisy’s heartbeat. 


the test results were rushed (STAT) to the lab and i was directed to call the office around 4:30 for the results. so i headed home (by way of Rite Aid, in case anyone saw me, ‘cuz I needed some medicine for this darn head cold Davey shared with me). at 4:31 i called the office and the on-call doctor told me my test was positive but other than that, she wasn’t sure of the "game plan." so i was directed to "sit tight" (i was lying on the couch) while my local doctors conferred with the Seattle perinatologists and decided what was to become of me. 


in less than 30 minutes, MY OB, Dr. Mallory, with his calm voice and demeanor, was on the phone asking me a few questions. mostly about contractions, which i’m not having. a few, sporadic braxton-hicks contractions here and there, but otherwise, no activity (other than Daisy’s on-going, practically constant movement!). so even though my fFN test was positive, because my manual exam was essentially unchanged from 3 weeks ago and because i’m NOT having contractions, i was told i could STAY HOME. on STRICT bed rest. and simply follow-up in seattle, as scheduled, on wednesday morning.


Dr. Mallory’s final words? "we look forward to a positive report from seattle." i really like this guy. he’s calm. reassuring. and an optimist. i know he’s too medical-textbook for some of my friends, but dave and i like that. we LIKE getting the explanation(s) of what’s going on even though we don’t always understand it all. he doesn’t talk down to us. we appreciate that. ‘cuz we’re pretty smart people, you know?!


now other than the already-scheduled testing on wednesday in seattle, we don’t know what the day holds. we don’t know if i’ll have to stay down there starting on wednesday or if i’ll be allowed to come home. we’re praying, of course, that i can come home. i have no desire to be so far from my family and stuck in a hospital. but God is in control. and we continue to rest in Him as He walks us (and carries us!) through this journey. but i have peace. a peace that passes all understanding and could only come from one source – God alone. 


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