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My thoughts (and the results) based on my OB appointment in Bellingham from today: 



Tuesday: May 18, 2010


I got read the riot act today by Dr. Mora. Apparently, I’m in charge of their office for the duration of this pregnancy – that’s how “high risk” of a situation this is. But, apparently when my appointment went “missing” on Friday, I was supposed to raise holy heck and get into the office anyway. One of the doctors would have had to do my ultrasound to check my AFI (amniotic fluid) and my cervix. That said, I got “squeezed in” for an ultrasound today.


So my NST went well. Daisy’s heartbeat is fine. She’s moving a lot. And I’m having limited (if any) contractions. On the ultrasound, Rachel (the sonographer) couldn’t find the fluid on Daisy’s lung(s). And my amniotic fluid level dropped from the highest range of normal to the “exact middle” range of normal. My cervix, however, did shorten a little bit (from 1.5 to 1.2). That caused some concern for Dr. Mora so he called the neonatologists in Seattle and they told him to manually check my cervix. If it had changed from my last appointment in Seattle, I was going to be sent down to Seattle immediately. (I’m assuming the unsaid reality was I would be sent to Seattle to be on hospital bed rest for the duration of the pregnancy). THANKFULLY, the manual examination revealed no change. So I’m still allowed to live at home, be on modified bed rest and continue my current version of “normal.” Dr. Mora told me to continue to LIE DOWN (not simply sit down with my feet up) as much as possible while at home. I think the goal is to take the pressure off my cervix.


So if I learned ANYTHING today, it’s the reality of my situation. I really do need to take it easy. I really do need to spend more time on the couch – LYING DOWN. And while I still don’t want to deliver this baby in Seattle growing more accustomed to the idea. The reality. The possible necessity.


And I give all the praise for today’s GOOD news to God. To all His faithful children who are praying for Daisy and me. God truly does hear the prayers of His children. He loves us and wants to give us the desires of our hearts. And sweet Daisy is the desire of many, many hearts across this country. 




 so please keep praying… God IS answering our prayers!

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