local update #2

 Friday: May 21, 2010 Well folks, today was ALMOST the day. I went in for an ultrasound, NST and an appointment. The ultrasound results were mixed. Still no fluid on the baby’s lungs and the amniotic fluid is still normal (both GOOD things). But my the length of my cervix was not so good. And there was a possibility of me being sent to Seattle TODAY. Thankfully, though, my NST revealed a good heart beat, an active baby and NO contractions. So instead of being shipped down to Seattle, I’m at home on bed rest. I’ll return to the office on Monday for a fetal fibro-nectin test (measures protein in the cervix). A positive test means you’re highly likely to go into labor in the next two weeks. So if that test is positive, I’ll be sent to Seattle on Monday (for hospitalized bed rest). For now, we’re praising God for mostly good results from today’s ultrasound. We’re also praising him for our doctor (my listed OB – Dr. Mallory) who didn’t over-react and ship me right down to Seattle. AND we’re really praising God for Dr. Mallory’s optimistic outlook on Baby Daisy. He’s pretty convinced she will be 100% healthy when she’s born. He thinks that there was a thrombosis (blocking/blockage) of the umbilical vein somewhere early on during her development. (This vein is NOT needed after delivery). If you would please continue to keep us ALL (Dave, Davey, Samantha, Daisy and I) in your prayers, we would appreciate it. I’m just over 31 weeks along right now. You usually don’t want to deliver earlier than 34 weeks (based on the baby’s lung development), so I’m really praying I can stay pregnant for another 2.5+ weeks. I also do NOT want to be on bed rest in Seattle. Not only would I be in the hospital for far too long for my sanity, but I would be away from my husband AND my children for quite some time – I’m sure you can imagine the stress that would add to my already over-flowing brain! And many, MANY thanks to those of you who are praying, providing meals, helping with child care and everything else. We appreciate all of you and we will continue to rely on you for awhile longer. (Note: My mom (nana) is flying into Seattle on Tuesday, so she’ll be here for the duration of this pregnancy to help with the kids.)

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  1. Wow, Tam – you better be really good and stay lying down! I’m so glad to hear that Baby Daisy’s outlook is so positive! What a praise! I’m sure that being on bed rest is easier knowing it’s going to keep her healthy. Let us know if we can help you out anymore. :) Love & prayers, Julie

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