the scowl

you know how your kids have "THAT FACE" that they make when they want to drive you crazy? or when they want to make you laugh? or when they want to embarrass you? i don’t know if davey’s ever had a distinct face other than his "poo face" when he was younger (ahhh, the memories of that face!). but samantha has had her fair share of specific looks. right now, it’s THE SCOWL. and we get it a lot. sometimes i see that face every 30 seconds. without intending to, i managed to capture it on film this week. she looked SO CUTE in her spring-colored sweater (which is too small for her), her purple t-shirt, jeans with colorful buttons around the pockets and her hair in pigtails (which she actually left alone for several HOURS) that i tried to snap a candid photo of her cuteness. she would have none of it, though, so this is the best i got:

she’s silently saying "cheese" (per my request) as she watches tv (either Word World or the movie Bolt).


but moments earlier and moments after this photo, this is the look i received:

that’s "THE SCOWL." and sometimes i see it 100 times a day. what a kid!


and because you’ve been davey and samantha-deprived for too long, here’s a photo of davey building with his big lego blocks:

he’s pretty cooperative about having his photo taken these days. we’ll see how long it lasts. however, we’re still working on convincing him to LOOK AT THE CAMERA when he says "cheese!" he did a pretty good job this time!


i’m off to "batch cooking" day with some friends. in a few short hours, i will have made 20 meals of Shanghai Stir Fry (with steak) and i will come home with only 2 of them. but i will have 18 other meals (for a grand total of 20 meals – 10 different kinds). and my freezer LOVES having that variety! happy saturday to you!

2 thoughts on “the scowl

  1. Oh – my – seriously loving all your pics – Sam is a stubborn little one, isn’t she! And Davey looks so very proud of his creation – as well he should be!

    And, the batch cooking, that (each person making many of one item) is seriously my favorite way to do that. SOOOO, if you ever need one more person to add to your mix, I would love to be a part of it!

    Great mini-book and love the Harlan one as well!! Blessed Resurrection Day to your family.

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