GLEE…. our taxes were submitted at 7 p.m. yesterday. whew! he submitted them 3 hours EARLIER than he did last year! (dave did come home early from work to get them done.) AND we’re getting a rebate. dave said he probably could’ve found a few more deductions but he just wanted to get them done. so we’re golden now. 


this is glee for our kids:



he kept TELLING her to sit on him. he thought it was so funny. he didn’t even mind all the hitting she kept doing (though she DID get in trouble for it):


they really do love each other. as a mom, i pray they will always love one another. and i pray that they will have a close relationship – helping each other through the trials of life that only a sibling can understand. as an almost-only-child (my brother is 9 years older than i am and while we LOVE each other and have a really good relationship now, there were a lot of years there where our lives were so DRASTICALLY different and we didn’t really know each other at all), i pray that these two will always be close friends. watching out for each other. protecting each other. standing up for each other. playing and hanging out with each other. and i pray that they will love their little sister just as much. 


while i know i’m crazy for having 3 kids under the age of 3, i’m thankful they’ll be so close in age. davey and samantha are 15 months apart and will be 2 years apart in school. samantha and the baby will be 20 months apart and only 1 year apart in school. it’s going to be a wild ride, but i look forward to (enviously) watching their sibling bonds form.

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