is growing up, too!


- is so cute and sweet… and she KNOWS it!

- pulls her hair ties out at least 20 times a day. no exaggeration. but she really does hate it when her hair is in her eyes.

- LOVES her brother, but she’s not always sweet, kind and loving. 

- is in this "hitting" phase right now. 

- also says "NO" a lot. it sounds really sweet and cute. but it’s not. little stinker.

- STILL puts EVERYTHING into her mouth. 

- LOVES to play with crayons… unfortunately, she doesn’t like to color on paper very much. so she doesn’t get to use crayons very often.

- is still a pretty good eater, though there are certain things she will not eat. under any circumstance. 

- still drinks her milk from a bottle. perhaps it’s time for me to try to wean her of that again?

- doesn’t say a whole lot of words and the ones she does say tend to sound the same. here’s a list:

mama, dada, daydee (davey), baba (bottle), bobo (blanket), weh-worh (Word World), no, yeah (said in a very "breathy" voice), feh fie (french fries), papa (grandpa), nana (nana and banana), bow (bowl), boat (w/o a hard "t" and it means Bolt, the Disney movie), baw (ball)…. she has a few other words, as well, i’m just not remembering them right now

- is OBSESSED with disney’s movie BOLT. she could watch it over and over and over and over and over (you get the idea). i think Tuesday was the first day we didn’t watch at least SOME portion of the movie. she looks at the tv, points to it and/or the remote, looks at me and says "Boat." and if i give in and start to turn on the movie, she gets SO EXCITED, RUNS to the couch, climbs up and then stares at the TV and starts to point excitedly and repeatedly utter "boat! boat!" as the movie begins. i’ve seen her go without blinking for a good 5 minutes before. she’s just MESMERIZED!

- has to have her bottle and blanket. her baby is also a good addition to that "recipe" for happiness.

- loves to run up to dave when he comes home from work and give him a hug. i think it’s one of the best parts of his day. 

- prefers to drink water if she’s not drinking milk.

- is getting better and better at feeding herself (by fork, spoon or hand).

- will not say the actual word if she knows how to say it in sign-language (please, sorry, thank you, bite, more, all done)

- is 18 months old (in a few more days)

- is growing up from my "baby girl" to a sweet but spirited toddler right before my very eyes



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