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ready for some mini book love? i made the base of a book before we left for our san jose trip, so i was eager to finish it. never mind that i still haven’t printed photos from Christmas to the present, but i uploaded photos from our san jose trip and picked them up from costco after dropping off my mom at the airport (in bellingham). 


yesterday, during naptime, i opted to work on my san jose book instead of taking a nap myself. i had to add post cards and wrappers and all kinds of tid-bits that i picked up along the way plus the 70-some photos i had printed. it took awhile, but i love the end result. i should probably re-print a few of the photos since i accidentally punched holes through people’s heads and faces (oops!) but otherwise i’m content with the final result. want a few sneak peeks?


{Details of the photos in order: cover; close up of cover (including antique key i purchased at an antique store in soquel valley); inside page including itinerary list; journaling & photos; photo with a bag from that candy store; misc ephemera including business cards; in-n-out ephemera including an actual burger bag and straw wrapper!; two photos; post card and ticket stubs from a tourist attraction}


this is one of my FAVORITE ways to scrapbook and document trips we take. sometimes it works out better than others. i like to think this one was quite successful. and, in case you’re wondering, i did print a few of my FAVORITE photos so i could scrapbook them in a more traditional way. but this book is the documentation of our trip to San Jose for Bibletech 2010 and i don’t regret it at all. 

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