it’s hard work

parenting is hard work. 




we were at a party last night. with the kids. i expected samantha to have some break downs as the evening wore on since she didn’t nap. but instead, davey had a meltdown at dinner. over a bite of hotdog. seriously. this is the kid who’ll eat an ENTIRE costco hot dog by himself. honestly. but this one bite of hot dog elicited multiple gags and almost-vomiting moments. and we told him if he wouldn’t eat his dinner we’d have to go home. and he still wouldn’t eat that bite of hot dog. so we left. and that was hard.


and when we got home, he got a quick bath and had to go to bed right away. there were lots and lots of tears shed before he eventually fell asleep. 


and in the midst of the bath and tears and bedtime routine and tears, i fed samantha some dinner (i didn’t even bother trying to give her a hotdog at the party!) and put her in the tub for a quick bath and got her ready for bed. she was repeatedly saying "no" to anything i asked or suggested. now i know she’s only 17 months old, but i KNOW she UNDERSTANDS us. and true, she might just like saying the word "no" right now. but it was still frustrating.


so once both kids were in bed and we couldn’t hear anymore crying, we both let out a sigh. and discussed how difficult that was. it was NOT an easy evening. hopefully the days like that will be few and far between. ‘cuz the thought of adding this THIRD child to the mix after an evening like that… well, the thought TERRIFIES me!

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