is growing up so fast.


- started potty training on Monday after nap. he didn’t do so hot. but today? remarkable. only 2 accidents ALL DAY. and he stayed DRY during his nap. right now he’s upstairs in bed for the night wearing underwear with plastic training pants.

- (i should mention that nana tried to potty train him while we were in san jose, so this wasn’t his first experience. he did great for 3 days and then everyone got sick with head colds and training went out the window).

- LOVES his little sister, Samantha. he’s pretty protective of her, quite kind to her and usually pretty loving and gentle.

- ADORES his "baby sister, Daisy" who is in "mama’s belly." he likes to give her kisses.

- is still fighting food. he really does NOT want to eat, especially if it involves sitting in a chair.

- likes to grab onto one of us (dave or i) or snuggle right up next to us (sometimes he gets too close!) and say "we’re fwiends" (typo on purpose).

- wakes up early (anytime between 6:45 and 7:15) every day

- still takes a 2-hour nap daily

- hates to LEAVE the house. but once we get somewhere, he hates to go home again!

- still uses a binky for naptime and bedtime. we only have one left. we’ll see how long it lasts.

- drinks so much chocolate milk i think we should buy a cow and some stock in the Hershey’s factory!

- calls things "diffent" (typo on purpose) a lot. some mornings he’ll eat Kix for breakfast but other times, he wants "diffent Kix" (which are actually Reeses Puffs). or he’ll want to watch "diffent George" when we’re in the bonus room (which means Curious George the Movie, rather than the TV show). 

- is quite polite and well-behaved at Sunday School, church, and Bible study and we receive so many compliments and praises on his behavior and manners.

- is VERY GOOD about saying "thank you." he’s pretty good about saying "please."

- still whines a lot. we’re really working hard to break that. 

- could watch Word World all day, every day, and never tire of it. thankfully it’s educational and entertaining.

- loves to draw, especially on those magna doodle boards. 

- has quite the imagination.

- gets excited easily.

- is getting in trouble a lot for failure to obey right away.

- is 3 months shy of turning 3 years old.

- is my "little boy" who is growing up before my very eyes.

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