blizzard week

random tidbits on a rainy saturday….


1. it’s blizzard week here (2nd blizzard at DQ is only $0.25 through tomorrow – no coupon needed)! very soon, i should be enjoying a nice snickers blizzard. (my other recent favorite is a reese’s peanut butter cup blizzard made with chocolate ice cream. mmmmmm.). what’s your favorite flavor?


2. garage sales. i’ve been attending some and picking up things here and there. and i’m prepping for our annual sale. several of my friends and i have hosted a sale in june and we usually do really well. i’m busy going through davey’s too-small clothes. pricing things. pulling out gender neutral items. it hasn’t been as hard as i thought it would to let it go. but that might change when i have to watch people buy it all!


3. the kids have colds again. davey’s started on wednesday. sam’s started on friday. tomorrow was going to be the first time in AGES that dave and i were going to get to sit together in church (not including Easter Sunday) b/c he’s not taking photos tomorrow for our new church directory. but now the kids have runny noses. so no nursery for them. 


4. my braxton-hicks contractions are continuing. on monday i have to have my blood drawn for the glucose test (which means i have to drink that awful orange drink pumped full of sugar….) and then a week later i head to the doctor’s office. i PROMISE i’ll tell him about the contractions. i’m already scheduled for another ultrasound that day, so we’ll definitely find out if there’s anything happening.


5. a few weeks ago we looked at our property tax statement. and we saw just how much we have to pay for our "free library" each year. so i’m currently reading up a storm. lots and lots of reading. fiction. right now it’s all Christian-based fiction that i’m reading. but that’s not always the case. i like to wander the aisles and pick books at random. i find a lot of duds. but every now-and-then, there’s a winner in there. i used to take the kids – davey LOVES books – but i don’t like to bring home kids’ books right now b/c samantha STILL eats them. and, quite frankly, i don’t want her to eat dirty library books. and i don’t want to pay for the books she ruins. i’m praying she’ll continue to out-grow this "eat everything" mentality she has. she’s better, but there are a lot of things that still find their way into her mouth!


6. samantha is 18 months old today. one and a half years. i’ve been able to have some "conversations" with her lately. it usually involves me asking her yes and no questions. she usually says "yeah" to whatever i asked. but not always. she still doesn’t call herself anything remotely close to her own name. she points out Dada & Mama and Dede (Davey) in pictures and in real life. and then when she points to herself (in real life or in a photo), she calls herself "Dede" even though she responds to her own name. What a silly little girl! i haven’t called the doctor’s office yet to schedule her 18-month well baby check. i should add that to my "to do" list for this week.


7. i finally scheduled to take my certification exam (so i can keep my paying job). the big day is friday, june 4th. and i’m driving up to canada to take it b/c the closest canadian testing center is significantly closer than the nearest USA testing center. and since i’ll be largely pregnant, i’d rather not have to drive 90 minutes to sit for a 3.5-hour exam. 


8. flowers. i bought some new flowers at walmart this week. i planted them today (in-between heavy rains). they look a little bit like daisies… and they’re a light lavender color. different. i like ‘em. i might go get some more this week (i only bought two). 


that’s all. 

2 thoughts on “blizzard week

  1. Thanks for the updates! On Friday & Saturday, I laid 20 bags of black forest mulch and have 20 more bags to go. It’s raining now thru Tuesday so I have a break. Hats off to you for planing annuals. I won’t – too much work each year!
    Also, couldn’t find tastycake fudge bars anywhere! When and if I find any, I send you some! Love to dede and dede!

  2. Sorry you have to drink that orange stuff tomorrow. Yuckus. Make sure to let me know when you have your garage sale. If I can, I’ll be there. I love garage sales, too, but this spring has been crazy busy and I’ve been to only one! Aack.

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