april afternoon

yesterday, the USPS delivered some pretty goodies to my front door in a crushed Priority Box (thankfully the contents were anything BUT crushed):


it made for a happy afternoon for me. the back row of papers in the first photo are all by one manufacturer (from two lines): October Afternoon. the back row of stickers and the flash card book (you can see part of the word "gathering") in the 2nd photo are also from the two newest lines released by October Afternoon. I’ve been WAITING for these goodies since February. there’s still one piece to each line that i’m missing, but the store where i ordered these goodies didn’t have those items, so i’ll have to keep looking, i suppose.


and i couldn’t pass up that other paper…. or those AWESOME ticket stub sticker strips (imagine the joys of me cutting them into individual tickets and using them on layouts. and that camera stamp? yeah. i’m in crafting love… now if only i would make the time to use some of this goodness right away, yes?  :)


thank you, mr or mrs or ms or miss mail carrier who so kindly delivered my partially crushed box yesterday. thank you for bringing some EXTRA sunshine into my day (which started with taking out the trash during some SNOW FLURRIES, driving to Starbucks in the HAIL for a coffee date with a new friend, and ended with beautiful BLUE SKIES and WHITE PUFFY CLOUDS when we went to visit with some other friends for dinner)!


all-in-all, it was a great day. it was filled with crazy weather, fun mail (thanks to that package), a child-free coffee date with a new friend (Julie Ball) and dinner with some amazing friends (the Wilkenings, the Blacks and the Bargens)! i wish every april day could be like that!

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