through the years, despite my thick, full-bodied hair, i could never get it to go curly. so it was straight. always straight:



and then davey was born. and brandi started thinning my hair. and curly was the best and easiest option:


and dave prefers my hair curly to straight. 


so for the past 2.5 years, i’ve been going curly. every day (well, 99.5% of the time).


and this week i discovered that dave’s allergies have been worse for the past 2.5 years. and we decided it’s my hair product – the awesome (and inexpensive) mousse i use to keep my hair curly all day long. so i guess i need to begin the search for a new mousse that will keep my hair curly, that’s not expensive (‘cuz sometimes i get a little zealous with foaming that mousse into my hand!) and that won’t set off dave’s allergies.


sigh. i hate finding new hair products. 


One thought on “allergies

  1. Wow, that’s weird. What kind do you use? Avon has a curling lotion that I just got for Sarah and I think I like it.

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