a breather

it’s thursday and we’re taking a breather. we’re skipping Bible study (the last one until the fall) b/c i felt we needed a day to just… sit. play. relax. not run around. that doesn’t mean we won’t end up going somewhere or doing something, but it does mean that we’re not rushing from one thing to the next. not today.


i’ve been busy this week with sorting and pricing items for the june garage sale. i know i’m at it early, but with being pregnant and trying to take it slow and easy, i felt that now is the best time – especially since i’m motivated! tomorrow the kids and i are going to carrilee’s house (where we’re storing items in the basement) so i can price more garage sale items AND go through samantha’s clothing boxes to see what other "filler items" i’ll need for Baby Daisy (sam and daisy are opposite clothing seasons)! june is quickly filling up with random things (my national certification exam, a work-related deposition i have to do with the Attorney General’s office, the garage sale, etc). 


i’m also trying to edit and upload photos to costco while i have that 9-cent per 4×6 print coupon to enjoy. that’s always a bit of a time consuming process! 


so today is "breather" day. thanks for bearing with me!

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