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a friday list

1. it’s friday – HOORAY! it’s the end of another month – how is it the end of April already? today the kids get to play with friends. and we’ll visit a few garage sales (i’m an addict!). and it’s going to be a good day. i’m deciding now. 


2. today i get to price more items for the garage sale (i like watching items turn into dollar signs before my very eyes – kinda like those old school cartoons, ya know?). AND i get to go through samantha’s too-small clothing and wonder what sweet baby Daisy will look like. act like. if she’ll sleep. if she’ll cry a lot. if she’ll be easy-going. okay… i’ll stop now. AND i get to spend time with my dear friend, Carrilee. AND i get to (finally) give her a birthday present (i won’t tell you that her birthday was at the end of March)!


3. our "breather" day yesterday was just what i needed. we enjoyed our morning at home, minus a 35 minute adventure around town to fill the propane tanks and deposit a check at the bank. i worked a little more on editing photos to send them to costco. i sat around. i did some filing. it was low-key and necessary. ahhhhh!


4. i played with my new printer yesterday. oh yeah. did i tell you about that? last sunday, since the kids had runny noses (again!), we finally ventured out of the house after nap time. i wanted to stop at the craft store in bellingham for some items for Baby Daisy’s baby book/album. and since costco is right there, in we went. and Dave bought me a new printer. just like that (our income tax refund arrived in our bank account). and i finally played with it a little bit. it printed on 14 sheets of regular paper without one single paper jam. no need to go in and clear it every 3 pages. AND it printed on cardstock. another 14 pages. and again, without a paper jam! it’s the little things….


5. did i tell you we’re putting potty training on the back burner for now? i’m frustrated with the lack of progress and the whining that ensued each time davey was directed to sit on the potty. and, quite frankly, i’m too tired to deal with all of the accidents. so it’s back to diapers for him. and he’s just fine with that…. so i will be, too. he wasn’t motivated by stickers. or by marshmallows. or m&ms. or pez. or any other food item, toy, book, praise, encouragement, etc. so even though he can PHYSICALLY do it, i’m not going to push the issue. 


6. monday is "laundry day" in this house. i only had to do 1 load this past monday. but yesterday – thursday (NOT monday), i had to do 4 loads! how did that happen? how did THREE ENTIRE LOADS appear in just 3 days? sheesh! (and it turns out there was a 4th load hiding on dave’s side of the bed – but that’s another story!)


7. i ate tuna TWICE this week. for anyone who knows me – REALLY knows me, knows that’s a HUGE deal. but i promise, it wasn’t that canned tuna fish nastiness that makes me ill. it was fresh ahi tuna. seared and served on a salad on sunday. and grilled last night. dave did a good job getting me to eat tuna. i’m still convinced that a tuna-fish sandwich will never be made in our kitchen. but ahi tuna is different. and acceptable.


8. our neighbors move out today. the newest ones. they just moved in last fall (they had rented out the house, however, for a good year and a half before they moved in). we’re sad to see them leave but i’m eager to see who moves in… hopefully someone else we like?! 


9. i got a letter from the OB’s office yesterday. one of those generic ones where a nurse or office assistant adds your name and a doctor’s signature by hand but the rest of the letter is simply photocopied. apparently, i’m anemic. no surprise there. i was with samantha. but i’ve been taking iron pills since i was about 12 weeks pregnant (i’m 28 weeks now). so i called the office and they told me to take TWO iron pills a day AND to make sure i take them with vitamin C and to avoid dairy (when taking the pills). 


10. my baby belly is big. HUGE, i tell you! bigger than before. shirts that i wore all the way to the end of my pregnancy with davey and samantha are too small. sad. so sad. perhaps i should stop eating so much junk food?  ;)


11. and though this one is older, it makes me smile:

gotta start ‘em young, right?!

a breather

it’s thursday and we’re taking a breather. we’re skipping Bible study (the last one until the fall) b/c i felt we needed a day to just… sit. play. relax. not run around. that doesn’t mean we won’t end up going somewhere or doing something, but it does mean that we’re not rushing from one thing to the next. not today.


i’ve been busy this week with sorting and pricing items for the june garage sale. i know i’m at it early, but with being pregnant and trying to take it slow and easy, i felt that now is the best time – especially since i’m motivated! tomorrow the kids and i are going to carrilee’s house (where we’re storing items in the basement) so i can price more garage sale items AND go through samantha’s clothing boxes to see what other "filler items" i’ll need for Baby Daisy (sam and daisy are opposite clothing seasons)! june is quickly filling up with random things (my national certification exam, a work-related deposition i have to do with the Attorney General’s office, the garage sale, etc). 


i’m also trying to edit and upload photos to costco while i have that 9-cent per 4×6 print coupon to enjoy. that’s always a bit of a time consuming process! 


so today is "breather" day. thanks for bearing with me!


through the years, despite my thick, full-bodied hair, i could never get it to go curly. so it was straight. always straight:



and then davey was born. and brandi started thinning my hair. and curly was the best and easiest option:


and dave prefers my hair curly to straight. 


so for the past 2.5 years, i’ve been going curly. every day (well, 99.5% of the time).


and this week i discovered that dave’s allergies have been worse for the past 2.5 years. and we decided it’s my hair product – the awesome (and inexpensive) mousse i use to keep my hair curly all day long. so i guess i need to begin the search for a new mousse that will keep my hair curly, that’s not expensive (‘cuz sometimes i get a little zealous with foaming that mousse into my hand!) and that won’t set off dave’s allergies.


sigh. i hate finding new hair products. 


blizzard week

random tidbits on a rainy saturday….


1. it’s blizzard week here (2nd blizzard at DQ is only $0.25 through tomorrow – no coupon needed)! very soon, i should be enjoying a nice snickers blizzard. (my other recent favorite is a reese’s peanut butter cup blizzard made with chocolate ice cream. mmmmmm.). what’s your favorite flavor?


2. garage sales. i’ve been attending some and picking up things here and there. and i’m prepping for our annual sale. several of my friends and i have hosted a sale in june and we usually do really well. i’m busy going through davey’s too-small clothes. pricing things. pulling out gender neutral items. it hasn’t been as hard as i thought it would to let it go. but that might change when i have to watch people buy it all!


3. the kids have colds again. davey’s started on wednesday. sam’s started on friday. tomorrow was going to be the first time in AGES that dave and i were going to get to sit together in church (not including Easter Sunday) b/c he’s not taking photos tomorrow for our new church directory. but now the kids have runny noses. so no nursery for them. 


4. my braxton-hicks contractions are continuing. on monday i have to have my blood drawn for the glucose test (which means i have to drink that awful orange drink pumped full of sugar….) and then a week later i head to the doctor’s office. i PROMISE i’ll tell him about the contractions. i’m already scheduled for another ultrasound that day, so we’ll definitely find out if there’s anything happening.


5. a few weeks ago we looked at our property tax statement. and we saw just how much we have to pay for our "free library" each year. so i’m currently reading up a storm. lots and lots of reading. fiction. right now it’s all Christian-based fiction that i’m reading. but that’s not always the case. i like to wander the aisles and pick books at random. i find a lot of duds. but every now-and-then, there’s a winner in there. i used to take the kids – davey LOVES books – but i don’t like to bring home kids’ books right now b/c samantha STILL eats them. and, quite frankly, i don’t want her to eat dirty library books. and i don’t want to pay for the books she ruins. i’m praying she’ll continue to out-grow this "eat everything" mentality she has. she’s better, but there are a lot of things that still find their way into her mouth!


6. samantha is 18 months old today. one and a half years. i’ve been able to have some "conversations" with her lately. it usually involves me asking her yes and no questions. she usually says "yeah" to whatever i asked. but not always. she still doesn’t call herself anything remotely close to her own name. she points out Dada & Mama and Dede (Davey) in pictures and in real life. and then when she points to herself (in real life or in a photo), she calls herself "Dede" even though she responds to her own name. What a silly little girl! i haven’t called the doctor’s office yet to schedule her 18-month well baby check. i should add that to my "to do" list for this week.


7. i finally scheduled to take my certification exam (so i can keep my paying job). the big day is friday, june 4th. and i’m driving up to canada to take it b/c the closest canadian testing center is significantly closer than the nearest USA testing center. and since i’ll be largely pregnant, i’d rather not have to drive 90 minutes to sit for a 3.5-hour exam. 


8. flowers. i bought some new flowers at walmart this week. i planted them today (in-between heavy rains). they look a little bit like daisies… and they’re a light lavender color. different. i like ‘em. i might go get some more this week (i only bought two). 


that’s all. 


so i was reading one of my favorite blogs this morning and found this: 

a quote from Emerson: "Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; begin it well and serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense."

and it was just what i needed for the moment. 


i’ve been having "one of those weeks" where i feel like a failure as a mom. i’m frustrated. disappointed. angry. selfish. and all kinds of other things. i don’t tell you this so you’ll feel pity or tell me i’m doing a great job. we all have moments, minutes, hours, days, whatever where we feel incompetent. incapable. and we know we have let ourselves down. that’s how my week started and has gone until today. reading that quote above was a huge boost for me. it gave me just what i needed to start my day differently this morning.


and then i was further encouraged through the wonderful ladies in my Bible study. most of them are older than i am. their kids are grown. some of them have grandchildren. and they’re all amazing women. willing to share their hearts. their lives. their stories. their failures as well as their successes. and i was reminded that i’m not alone. i’m not the only one. 


and you know what else was cool? i admitted that i hadn’t done our lesson. i admitted it BEFORE we started…. and they still let me talk. and share. and provide input. like i said, i love those ladies!


so today is about encouragement for me. people lifting me up whether they know it or not. and i am thankful. what are you thankful for today?




1. so i spent yesterday "recovering" from monday. it was a pretty rough day for me. davey went through about 6 pairs of underwear and 4 pairs of pants/jeans and at least 2 pull ups. it was not pleasant. i put davey into a pull up and we ran some errands in bellingham. i didn’t have the energy to deal with pee or poo filled underwear.

after naptime yesterday, however, it was back to underwear. thanks to all your kind words, suggestions, advice, experience… i decided not to give up. not yet. we’ll keep working at it. and one thing we bought at walmart was one of those potty seat rings. i let davey choose (we started out with a sesame street one and then he changed his mind so we had to walk back ACROSS the store to get the lightning macqueen one). so he can use the "little potty" downstairs and the potty seat ring upstairs. 

he does get a marshmallow (or "smarsh-smellow" as he says) for going pee on the potty. but i think i’m going to add to that the bonus or a marshmallow if he’s still dry when i do random checks. like my friend suggested – reward the good behavior!


2. i bought some little plastic baskets while at walmart yesterday and i’m embarking on some additional organization in the house. i have a few other small things to get, too, to help organize some drawers and shelves, but one thing at a time.


3.  i thought of a "big ticket" item to add to our "wish list" for our income tax refund. and i’m hoping dave’ll go for it. it is mostly for me (‘cuz i’m the only one who really uses it)… a new printer. one that really DOES print on cardstock (ours is supposed to but it never has). one that doesn’t jam if there are more than 10 sheets of paper in the paper tray. one that doesn’t have ink cartridges that cost an arm and a leg (it’s about $300 to replace all the cartridges at the same time – black & color). 


4. did i tell you that on saturday i struck a deal at the antique store and was able to buy those 30 old milk caps at a slight discount? yep. so i splurged. and here they are, in all their glory:

(side note: if you’re unable to enlarge photos by double clicking on them, please let me know – i can pass the info along to dave and maybe he can carve out some time to work on my blog…) 

they make me smile. and i’m eager to add them to my projects. mostly scrapbook layouts and mini albums. and i have some extras of a few of them. i’ll do a give-away soon… and perhaps i’ll sell some of anyone’s interested. 


5. and no matter what, i never tire of watching my two kiddos play together:

they both LOVE to take the cars, school busses and other toys with wheels and push them all around the house. though you can’t see the cars in the above photo, they were a steal at the thrift store. only 49 cents for one and 99 cents for the other. they were filthy (had been outside in the rain & dirt for awhile) but some bleach water and scrubbing made them a very worthwhile purchase. and the plan is for them (the cars, not the kids) to move outside this summer. 


6. and a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY (yes, today!) to my mother-in-law! we had a family party (minus Tom, who’s still at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago) on Saturday evening. we had taco salad (mom’s request) and aunt mary (mom’s younger sister) was able to make a yummy, FROM SCRATCH, birthday cake. davey helped spit on the cake…. i mean, blow out the candles:


7. today is wednesday. that means it’s thrift store day (they’re closed Sunday through Tuesday, so Wednesday is the "BIG DAY" to snag great deals, though items are being priced and put out on the floor all day, every day). it’s also the day my mother-in-law watches the kids for me for 3 hours so i can get some work done (job-work, not house-work). 


what does today look like for you?


who could resist?

who could resist this face?

not i. not me. not… well, whichever word is considered proper English grammar.


and not Dave. and not Davey, even. and we’re adding another baby girl to this family? the boys are IN TROUBLE!!!!



ADVICE NEEDED…. seriously.

so we’ve been working on potty training for a week now. a solid week. and he still won’t tell anyone when he needs to go potty. he’ll tell us immediately AFTER he pees himself (or 10 or 15 or 20 minutes after). and he doesn’t like being in wet underwear or pants/jeans. but he won’t initiate anything. and he FIGHTS IT hard when we tell him he needs to go sit on the potty (even if he’s standing there holding himself, trying not to go).


is it too soon? is this a battle worth fighting right now? do i give up? i can understand that it takes time, but after a week, i thought something might click a little more than this. i had hoped for more. and if we DO give up on potty training, do we go back to diapers or go full-time to pull-ups?


so what advice do you have for me. reminder, he’s 3 months shy of his 3rd birthday. so he’s not THAT young for this activity. 

happy monday

happy monday, i think!


dave and i sat down this weekend and created a list of items we NEED to get (like car repairs and expensive oil changes/tune-ups) and some things we’d LIKE to get with our income tax refund. i’m pleased to say that an iTouch for davey is NOT on the list. neither is a netbook (laptop) for samantha. and i’m pleased to say that an iPad for dave is on the list. and i’m pleased to say that our list has not "out grown" our refund amount (not yet, anyway). [we decided that the hospital bill for this new baby does NOT belong on the list.]   i can’t recall what’s on the list for me. nothing super exciting or spendy; but i’m okay with that (for now). 


did you know that i had 102 (glorious) minutes of CHILD-FREE time on saturday morning to enjoy some garage sales, the grocery store, a thrift store, the antique store and the library?! i found some good deals, including this:

a plastic car WITH the long parental-use handle. ahhhh. it’s the little things in life that make me extra joyful (and that save my back from too much pain)!


the birthday dinner/party on saturday night for my MIL was fun. exhausting for me, but fun. i’ll share more details later. 


yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL day here in lynden. not overly sunny, but warm and clear (enough) and while dave mowed the lawn, the kids played outside. and then sam did this:

while davey rode around in the new car, she wandered into the garage and climbed into her seat in the stroller. we asked her if she wanted to go for a walk and she happily said "yah" in her sweet voice. so we loaded up and headed off. dave and i both thought the walk would be a quick one around our block. but we ended up going all the way to the park. we weren’t fully prepared (no beverages, no wipes, no wallet for a side-trip to The Woods – a local coffee shop, etc.), but it was a fun adventure. AND davey STAYED DRY in his big-boy-underwear AND i (somehow?!) convinced him to go potty at the public restroom! woo hoo!



 they both love the slide and the swings the most!


but back to the stroller photo – i still think it’s SO FUNNY that she just climbed right into the it. and she just sat there and waited patiently. then dave pushed the stroller out of the garage and this is what i saw: 

dave pushing a purple bucket?! tee hee. and then i saw her head poking out of the back. and i convinced her to clap (and therefore smile) for this photo:


what a sweet little face!


hopefully you’re looking forward to this new week. i’ve had a long weekend with lots and LOTS of braxton hicks contractions (very uncomfortable and sometimes even painful) but with such a great sunday behind me, i’m ready to start the week on a good note!

time for another blist

(blist = blog list)


1. dave wasn’t going to tell me how much our income tax refund is going to be b/c he wanted to buy something. he wasn’t sure what, though. silly man. i did get the number out of him (in case you were worried) and i wouldn’t be surprised if we had some new electronics show up in our home soon. i was joking that it would include an iPad for him (even though Logos is buying one for his department and he gets to use it since he’s writing the app for it), a netbook for Sam (‘cuz it’s only fair that she get her own laptop now, too) and an iTouch for Davey (‘cuz Dave is tired of letting Davey play games on his iPhone). seriously. this is my life.  :)


2. my little girl really is growing up. i noticed it yesterday morning when she was watching Bolt (her all time, hands down, favorite movie – i think it’s crack for 18-month olds b/c she’s addicted): 


3. i’ve been loving all this sunshine and it makes me eager for warmer weather. ahhhh.


4. Davey and I have enjoyed a few opportunities to play some Candy Land. We have to do it when Samantha is taking a longer nap, so we’ve only played twice, but we’ve played several games each time. and he gets REALLY upset when we have to put it away b/c Sam is awake. 


he’s not great at "following the path" to find the next color, but he does know all his colors. and he knows what it means to get one or two squares on a card. 


5. potty training is still a struggle. he’s doing quite well but he hasn’t yet told ME (or anyone) that he needs to go potty. and he still whines, complains and back talks when i tell him it’s time to go potty (every hour, if not sooner). we’ve progressed from Pez treats to marshmallows (many thanks to grandma for that tip!). but even the promise of a marshmallow doesn’t  make him WANT to go on the potty. and so far, we’ve only done #1 on the potty. #2 has happened in a bedtime pull up and in his underwear. but not on the potty. all in due time, right?


6. today is our family celebration of dave’s mom’s birthday (which is this coming week). rachel & sterling will be up from seattle. jeff doesn’t have to work on saturday so he and taryn can come to an earlier dinner. aunt mary (mom’s younger sister) is here from denmark…. so other than tom, the family’s all here! and she wants an easy meal… taco salad. sweet!


7. yet another year is passing with me NOT attending the skagit valley tulip festival. one year. that’s all i ask at this point. one year where i can take lots of photos of BEAUTIFUL FIELDS FULL of tulips. pictures of my kids with the flowers. dave and i with the flowers. i’ve lived here for almost 10 years (and for 18 months i WORKED in skagit county every day!) and i’ve never yet been to the tulip fields. it makes me sad. i just know i do NOT have the energy required to haul my largely pregnant body AND my two kids to the fields… and chase after them. perhaps next year? yep. that IS what i say every year. 


8. sunday will be dave’s 3rd week taking church directory photos. did i tell you he’s doing that? after our last experience with Olan Mills (it took them well over a YEAR to finish the pictorial directory!), we’ve decided to do it in-house. it’s going pretty well so far, but i’ll be glad when dave & i can sit in church together again (he takes the photos all during Sunday School and 2nd service and for another "while" after church is over….. so from about 9:30 to 1). 


9. i skipped the "Stuff and Save" sale at Old Navy yesterday. my friend Jessica invited me along again and i was going to go (Samantha needs shorts for this summer) to get 50% off everything, but I already had afternoon (child-free) plans and i didn’t want to go all day without my kiddos (especially while potty training davey and when it meant two different babysitters). so i stayed home with the kids and while they played, so did i. here’s what i made:


this is one of my favorite photos from our trip to san jose. my new friend Julie took it (though she’s not all that proud of it – the lighting was difficult). but i love it. she changed it to sepia and added some actions and i printed it as an 8×12). and because i love this photo so much, it’s now hanging (framed) in the hallway leading to the bonus room. i have 5 frames there and i (very rarely) change out the 12×12 layouts that are displayed in them. this one, i thought, was worthy of display. 


and some close ups of the detail:


what do you think, julie? have i made you proud?!  


10. i had an enjoyable afternoon with my mother-in-law and aunt mary yesterday. we enjoyed the antique shops in downtown Lynden. and it was wonderful. i spent less than $6 and bought some fun vintage goodies to use in scrapbooking:


some old milk bottle caps, old buttons, a plastic/vinyl flower pin (very 70s), tickets and some really old scotty dog matchbook covers.


i also found a really good deal on 100 milk bottle caps, but i haven’t convinced myself yet if/that i need them. and i can’t buy just a few – it’s an all or nothing purchase. so convince me…. do i want them? do i need them? does anyone want to buy some of them from me (and what would you be willing to pay? 


i hope you have a happy weekend!



GLEE…. our taxes were submitted at 7 p.m. yesterday. whew! he submitted them 3 hours EARLIER than he did last year! (dave did come home early from work to get them done.) AND we’re getting a rebate. dave said he probably could’ve found a few more deductions but he just wanted to get them done. so we’re golden now. 


this is glee for our kids:



he kept TELLING her to sit on him. he thought it was so funny. he didn’t even mind all the hitting she kept doing (though she DID get in trouble for it):


they really do love each other. as a mom, i pray they will always love one another. and i pray that they will have a close relationship – helping each other through the trials of life that only a sibling can understand. as an almost-only-child (my brother is 9 years older than i am and while we LOVE each other and have a really good relationship now, there were a lot of years there where our lives were so DRASTICALLY different and we didn’t really know each other at all), i pray that these two will always be close friends. watching out for each other. protecting each other. standing up for each other. playing and hanging out with each other. and i pray that they will love their little sister just as much. 


while i know i’m crazy for having 3 kids under the age of 3, i’m thankful they’ll be so close in age. davey and samantha are 15 months apart and will be 2 years apart in school. samantha and the baby will be 20 months apart and only 1 year apart in school. it’s going to be a wild ride, but i look forward to (enviously) watching their sibling bonds form.