two more

i was so inspired by the page i made yesterday that i made two more today using lots and lots and LOTS more metals from my stash:


that m&ms layout of davey utilized 5 metal frames, 1 metal tab, 2 metal dog tags and 12 brads. the frames and dog tags have been in my stash for years…. at least 4 or 5 years. seriously. and i have some more to try to use up, as well!


next up, another attempt to use up some more of my stash of eyelets and brads:


i can’t remember the exact number, but i think i used around 180 eyelets and brads on this page. i’m pleased at the VERY HEALTHY chunk of brads and eyelets that are no longer in my stash. but i still have too many eyelets and i don’t think i can handle another really long session of setting those eyelets and brads, so i think those metals will have to "hang out" a little while longer.


Friday’s prompt involved patterned paper scraps. i sat down this evening (after the kids’ bedtime) to work on a layout for that prompt. made a whole layout and HATED IT! i cut off the section using the scraps and adhered the remainder of the layout to a new sheet of patterned paper and REALLY LIKED the outcome. so i guess it’s back to square one for me on the patterned paper scraps challenge!  :)


and now for an update on the family: i took davey to the doctor’s office on wednesday b/c he woke up with a fever (103.0). just a virus that would likely take 7-10 days to clear out of his system. his lungs, belly, ears and bowels were clear. so wednesday was a tough day for him – he was quiet and had a fever all day. he ate nothing (asked to eat nothing) and drank about 1/2 can of ginger ale (at the most) over the course of the day. he was doing much better on thursday. but again on friday he had low0grade fevers off and on all day. he was fine yesterday (saturday) and then came down with another low fever around 4 today (after his nap). 


we skipped church today (to keep davey out of the nursery) and now i’m glad we did. we’ll skip play group tomorrow. we’ve skipped more things in the past 2 months than in the past YEAR… no exaggeration! nana arrives on wednesday, so i’ll get to go to Bible study on Thursday and the kids can stay at home with her. i’m afraid nana may be housebound for most of her 2-week visit with sick kids (or kids who are working to rebuild their immune systems!) but at least she’ll get lots of time with her grandkids!


despite having to miss play group tomorrow, it should be a glorious day. why? because adria is coming over. i’m hiring her to clean the fish/kids’ bathroom… JUST IN TIME for nana’s visit. i still feel awful that i forgot to clean the bathroom for her on her last visit. and i HATE cleaning the tub/shower. so adria’s going to do a good deep cleaning for me. and after that tiny bathroom, she’s going to tackle some of my kitchen stuff for me. things i don’t do like: cleaning the vent above the microwave; scrubbing the front of the dishwasher, fridge and oven; and all kinds of other things i have on my "list." 


so getting some things CLEAN…. REALLY CLEAN…. makes me happy. even happier since i don’t have to do it myself!  :)   and in case you’re concerned that i’m getting lazy, i did a lot of cleaning this weekend. i dusted the ENTIRE upstairs and all but the office downstairs. i vacuumed the ENTIRE house (again, not including the home office). and i did 4 complete loads of laundry (it’s all even PUT AWAY). and the dishwasher was run 4 times. and i SCRUBBED our shower walls (it was pretty nasty) and floor. and i cleaned one more set of mini blinds (the never-ending process). AND i cleaned my crafting space (you have room for your suitcase, mom!). so i’ve been busy. and i have been cleaning. but i’m smart enough to realize i just can’t do it all myself. and i’m willing (and thankfully, able) to hire someone to help me. so in advance, THANK YOU to adria!


and yes, i DO have some newer photos of the kids…. i’ll have to share them this coming week (‘cuz they’re on the desktop and i’m typing on the laptop).

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