My dear friend, Elizabeth, is in Bellevue (outside of Seattle) for a convention this weekend. She lives in Montana. You’ve seen her photo(s) on here before. Yesterday, I had the privilege of driving south to pick her up and be her tour guide/entertainment for a few hours. We had so much fun and we could not have asked for better weather!


E’s been to Seattle before, so I wasn’t sure what she had and hadn’t done… and we’re both scrapbookers, so I knew we could visit some paper stores in the area, too. But it turned out that with all her trips and visits out here, she’d NEVER BEEN to Pike Place Market! Say "wha?!"


So our first stop was Pike Place Market. We enjoyed the beautiful colors of the flowers, the fruits and the veggies. Then we watched them throw some fish and we visited with Rachel, the bronze pig. We enjoyed lunch overlooking the water (she had fish & chips and I had clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl). And then we headed to Starbucks for a tasty after-lunch treat (by the way, did you know they brought back the MOLASSES COOKIES? those are my favorite… SO YUMMY!!!)


After thoroughly enjoying ourselves at PPM, we drove north to the Alderwood Mall so she could check out this store called Daiso (we  used to have one in Bellingham – most items are $1.50 and it’s a Japanese store). She purchased a slew of items for her Bento addiction (i’ll tell you more about that later) and she convinced me to buy some stuff, too!


And then it was over. Our glorious, child-free, have-fun, play date was over. Far too quickly. But I had a great time and it was worth the drive. Every minute of it!


Here are some photos of our adventure:



we each bought some flowers (i bought mine for myself)…. for $5 for a beautiful bouquet, how could i possibly resist? and i’m wishing i’d purchased some of those strawberries… they would taste SO YUMMY right now.


speaking of right now, i’ve got to go. i’m heading south to shop with my sister-in-law Taryn for a few hours. we’ve been trying to get together (during the week) since January. we finally gave up and today is the day!

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