unrelated photos

she literally loves to be the center of attention:

if davey’s race track or trains are set up, samantha is usually sitting in the middle of them (or on them).


she must not have hips… ‘cuz most of her pants (especially jeans) have issues staying up:


her vocabulary is still pretty limited: mama, dada, papa, baba, nana (for nana and for banana) and no-no

she has a few other words sprinkled in here and there, but they aren’t regulars. i’m waiting…. WAITING EAGERLY for her to start TALKING. she does sign language for more, thank you, please, and bite. apparently i need to teach her "i’m sorry" as well, since she’s needed to "say" that to davey a lot lately!


yesterday davey wanted to play hide and seek. so he counted "1-2-3-4-6-7-8-9-10" (he really did leave out 5 EVERY time he counted) and then he would come find me. then i counted and he "hid" (which meant he laid on the couch in plain sight). then he wanted to play duck-duck-goose (must’ve learned that at Bible study nursery time). so he’d tap m e on the head and say "duck" then he’d go find sam and tap her on the head and say "duck" and then he’d smack himself on the forehead and say "goose!" really loud and start running up and down the bonus room and hall! it was quite comical. 


dinner time is NOT a pretty time here anymore. we usually have to fight, argue and threaten davey to get him to eat 2 or 3 bites of dinner – even if it’s his favorite thing in the world. lately, he’s been spending a lot of "quiet time" in his room. if he gets out of control (which he’s done a LOT lately), we take him up to his bed. and he’ll stay there – sometimes for up to 20 minutes. and then he’ll come downstairs. sometimes he’s ready to eat again (or play or apologize) but other times he has to go right back up. we’re not sure what’s going on, but we’re trying to nip it in the bud. the worst is his attitude and the nasty way he talks to us sometimes. we’re REALLY trying to pre-empt those!


and there you have it. we’re hoping to have a family morning up to mount baker tomorrow, just playing in the snow. i’m not expecting samantha to be at all happy about it. i’m expecting davey to enjoy it until he gets too wet. and then it’ll be miserable. but i’m looking forward to the adventure.


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