still it persists

it’s friday. and whatever germs and bugs have made their way into our home are still wreaking havoc. poor davey has it worst of all. he spent 45 hours (just shy of two days) feeling AWFUL, including vomiting – even just water and ginger ale. he finally felt better. LOTS better. WAY better yesterday. and then last night, b/c i hadn’t been carefully rationing his beverage intake, he puked again shortly before bedtime. and then twice during the night (which i didn’t learn about until this morning – dave took care of it). 


poor kid just can’t shake this stuff. and today, i feel pretty ill, too. could be from all the vomit we’ve been cleaning up this week that now my stomach is really weak and queasy. or it could be that i have a mild version of whatever it is davey has.


so today, samantha is on an adventure with auntie carrilee, henry and jorja while davey and i chill at home. it’s been so frustrating to be stuck inside with the BEAUTIFUL and mostly warm weather we’ve been having, too. i’ll be glad to see spring arrive (early) and to watch these miserable germs leave. 


and now it’s time for me to go add more puke laundry to the washing machine. i’ve been VERY THANKFUL for the past week for my washer and dryer. they aren’t top notch or anything, but they get the job done and they get it done well. and i’m glad i don’t have to haul stuff to the laundromat. or to the river!


we covet your prayers for healing and health in our home. and for boosted immune systems. we’re looking forward to "regular life" again…. though we plan to avoid that for another week or so (no church nursery, no play group, no shopping carts, etc.) so we can try to recover and STAY healthy!

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