these photos are from thursday (davey) and saturday (samantha) but show new things about both of them.


on thursday, when davey REALLY wasn’t feeling well, he only took a 90 minute nap (his usual is 2 hours and when he’s sick it goes at least 30 minutes longer than that). so we sat on the couch and watched the Olympics and he fell asleep in my arms for awhile. and then i moved. so he crawled to the other end of the couch. and within 15 minutes, he looked like this:

i don’t think he’s fallen asleep on the couch in a long, long time (perhaps before samantha was born was the last time?). if you can see the photo up close, you’ll see he’s doing his "freaky eye thing" where his eyes are partly open even though he’s sound asleep. he slept like this, off and on, for about 2 hours. he needed that rest. it was after this nap that his fever finally broke (the first time).


on saturday, i was able to snap this photo of samantha:

in the last few weeks, she’s become quite attached to her baby dolls (she has two) and her white blankets (again, she has two). she’s still using a bottle. i tried to wean her from them about 2-3 months ago. we were down to using them only at nap time and bedtime. and then i think she got sick. and now, much as i’d love to be bottle free in this house for a few months, i don’t see it happening. 


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