on the mend

well fans, it’s tuesday. around 4 o’clock this evening will mark ONE WEEK since i came down with the creepy crud (as i’m referring to it). it’s been a long and difficult week. and i’m not recovered yet. but i am on the mend. i was home, alone, with the kids all day yesterday and we made it through the day. it wasn’t always easy or pretty, but it went better than i thought. we (well, i) took it easy for 99% of the day. my body needs it.


both kids are recovered. some runny nose issues, but that’s the norm around here, especially at this time of the year. sam’s eyes are free and clear of any gunk, so her bout with pink eye is over. and davey is still on his anti-biotics, but he’s been on them long enough that he’s considered "clear," too. so i’m the only one still contagious. yep. you read that right. my pink eye persists. i woke up (briefly) at 4 a.m. to use the restroom. my eyes were a bit blurry, but not crusted shut. when i awoke at 7, a mere 3 hours later, both eyes were glued shut. sigh. guess i have to be vigilant with the eye drops again today (i slacked a bit yesterday). 


i’ve also obtained this obnoxious cough. it’s frightful, really. b/c about 75% of my coughs are just an attempt to clear some gunk so i can work up to the good cough. there’s lots of throat clearing going on here today – good thing no one else has to hear me b/c it’s pretty obnoxious! when dave and i were watching heroes last night, we were a coughing concert. yuck. we finally tracked down some candies to help "curb" the coughing fits. 


today will be another at-home, lazy kind of day. well, as lazy as i can convince myself to be. i’ve already cleaned our bathroom and disinfected door knobs and light switches and sink faucets. i’ve got a load of laundry going and the dishwasher is running, too. i have not yet embarked on the toy-cleaning-mission. i just don’t have the energy. (heck! i don’t even have the energy to do what i’ve already done, but it needed to be done)!


tomorrow we’ll slowly resume a normal schedule. i’m going to take the kids to carrilee’s house (instead of to visit my mother-in-law, who went to the doctor yesterday for eye drops for HER pink eye!) so they can play and i can come home and get some work done. on thursday, we’ll head to Bible study (as long as my pink eye is no longer contagious) and i should be able to scan my new website pages! friday morning i have an OB appointment, so the kids will go back to carrilee’s for a little while. 


i really am surprised at how much this cold has knocked me down. i haven’t been this sick since high school! i’m sure my lack of sleep has contributed greatly to my slow recovery time. last night was the FIRST night in at least two months, i believe, that ALL FOUR dunkins SLEPT. THROUGH. THE. NIGHT. now i know i said i woke up at 4 a.m., but since getting pregnant this time around, i’ve been waking up at all hours of the night to use the restroom. i was awake for less than 15 minutes. and i consider that sleeping through the night (esp. since i woke up for personal reasons instead of to help one of the kids)!


i’m sorry for another picture-less post. grabbing the camera has not been a top priority for me for the past week. but i wanted to keep you updated on our status. the kids are doing great. i’m hanging in there. and dave is doing alright. and now it’s time for me to close so i can lie down and rest awhile!

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