memory lane

so this time, four (4) years ago, we’d had most of our shots. we were filling our malaria medication prescription. we were getting ready to pack and leave work for two weeks. it was almost time for the vacation of a lifetime. it was almost time for our trip to kenya. and it’s fresh in my mind right now because i FINALLY started working on a scrapbook of our photos. and i’ve discovered that i need to print MORE photos. seriously. MORE. because my book appears to be a little too short. and i feel like i’ve neglected some animals. and some memories. and some scenery. and for me, this is exciting. i feel the need to print MORE photos? awesome! unbelievable! so fun!


so here’s a glimpse of our lives, almost four years ago:





and i have over 1500 more photos!  :)  



note: i was able to scan my new website pages today. hopefully dave can get them up sometime this weekend. think: bigger space for all my ramblings… so you have to scroll down less!  :)


finally, please continue to keep me in your prayers. i’m still recovering from this horrific cold that has seriously kicked me in the behind! the kids seem to be at 100%. i’m hovering around 80% recovered right now, i think. and my mother in law, linda, could use your prayers, as well. she’s recovering very, very slowly as well. and it’s frustrating. 

One thought on “memory lane

  1. Nice photos! We’re all sick here on the East coast as well (without the pink eye). We’re also expecting up to 18 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow which only makes us feel worse. Oh come quickly sweet Spring!

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