we’re seeing some improvement in this household…. whew! we still have some pretty crabby kids at times, but overall, they’re doing great. we seem to be on the mend. i’m slowly adding non-BRAT foods into their diet. we’re taking it day by day around here. i’m hoping we can venture to Bible study tomorrow morning, as i’d hate to miss ANOTHER week (i’ve already missed two of the four!)!


i finally snapped a photo of davey with his haircut…. 

what a little man!


and i was ENAMORED with the color of sam’s shirt the other day (it’s not quite as "bright" in real life as it is in these photos), so i snapped some like this, too:


it’s nearly impossible to get them both to look at the camera and smile at the same time. but i love these shots. i have no idea what davey is doing in the first one. samantha is still pretty obsessed with belly buttons – usually just her own, but sometimes yours, as well. i love the photo of davey and samantha checking out her belly button… "OH! it’s still there?! Whew!"


Happy Wednesday from our home to yours!

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