on monday night, davey spent 20 minutes (literally – dave watched the clock) chewing one TEENY, TINY piece of broccoli before eventually swallowing it (following warnings, spanking threats, etc.). samantha, on the other hand, scarfed hers down. she LOVES broccoli. in fact, she loves it so much, she ate some of the left overs with her dinner last night:

she kept signing "more" after she finished each piece (stem and crown!) and excitedly pointed to the left overs container when signing "more" so there was NO QUESTION what she wanted.


how could i possibly have two kids more different?! sheesh!


in other news, when davey gets in trouble, i’ve learned that while he hates spankings (especially from daddy), nothing will send him into a fit like a time-out. seriously. and time outs are hard b/c samantha will go and sit next to him. not super helpful in the "punishment" category.

(and no, he’s not allowed to play with toys during time out…. i just hadn’t moved the airplane quickly enough this time).

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