it’s sunday. we’re not at church. we’re attempting to keep the kids on the mend and keep them healthy by keeping them OUT of the church nursery for another week (we might venture to Bible study on Thursday). and i’m going to do my best to keep them away from shopping carts (those germ-ridden vehicles are so necessary in the stores!). and, for the most part, i’ll even keep them away from other kids. it’s time we BUILD OUR IMMUNE SYSTEMS so we CAN go to church, so we CAN go to play group, so we CAN run errands and use shopping carts… so one more week of "sequestering." that said, i’m open to outside activities (even with other kids) at the park. at the playground. going for walks. so hopefully we can do some of that this week. but i must be honest and share that i caved last night and let davey eat a little bit of mac and cheese with his dinner (he requested rice krispies – which he’s been eating with rice milk). apparently the mac and cheese didn’t sit so well. b/c he woke up at 2 a.m. with gooey, orange puke (with macaroni in it) all over his pillow. on his sheet. and down the arm of his pajamas. 


so for the next few days, no matter how he whines, pouts, cries, begs or anything else, we’re sticking to the B-R-A-T diet. cuz we are TIRED of puke in this house. very, very tired of it. i should also mention that despite his late night experience, he’s his usual, happy self. running and jumping. drawing and coloring. and pushing the shopping cart and playing and asking for chocolate milk (ummm…. no) and other things that 2-1/2 year old boys do. 



can i just tell you how much joy and delight this little girl brings to our lives? a lot. i think it’s immeasurable. she’s amazing. she’s also demanding, short-tempered, stubborn and all sorts of other not-so-great things, but she can be such a doll. so sweet and loving. and i just wanted to remind myself of that by telling you. she’s been on rice milk for a week now and is doing very well with it. honestly, i’m afraid to switch her back to whole milk b/c i don’t want to deal with the potential of that partially-digested milk vomit (it looks like cottage cheese and smells awful). but rice milk isn’t cheap (so glad they carry it by the case at costco, though)!



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