almost the same


i took this photo last week (shortly after samantha threw up on her shirt and socks):


yep. my 30-month old and my almost 16-month old are just about the same size. they weigh the same (around 28 pounds). they wear the same size clothing (24 months and 2T….. though his 24-month clothing is getting a little too small).


but they (mostly) love each other and (mostly) they play well together. they both love remotes, cell phones, davey’s shopping cart (from uncle john & auntie babi), sam’s baby doll stroller and all the toy kitchen plates, cups, teapots and related items. these are the things they fight over ALL. THE. TIME. oh yeah – and sam’s purse (from auntie rachel & uncle sterling). they LOVE that, too!


it seems samantha has picked up, yet another, disgusting bug (big surprise with all the things she sticks in her mouth!). she spent a few days throwing up partially-digested milk all over our house (it’s a good thing dave REALLY wanted that carpet cleaner last year – it’s come in VERY handy lately). so we moved her to the BRAT diet (you may recall that this also happened about 2-3 weeks ago – just before i got sick). we finally had to go without giving her milk AT. ALL for 2 days. that was  pretty torturous…. for us as much as for her. then we found Rice Dream (milk) and things seemed to be going okay. until she had a MAJOR diaper blow out today during naptime (it required full bed-strippage AND a bath). so we’ll see what happens next. i should mention, that we JUST PURCHASED a CASE (12 cartons) of Rice Dream milk at Costco this morning/early afternoon (before naptime).


3 thoughts on “almost the same

  1. That is too funny that they are almost the same size! They could pass for twins! Sorry to hear that Sam was sick–that’s definitely not much fun!

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