ah ah ah…. ah ah ah….

can you hear the little mermaid song (i think that’s the movie it’s from)…. "ah ah ah…. ah ah ah…."



anyway, that’s how i feel. today is monday. it didn’t start out the greatest. dave didn’t sleep well. i didn’t sleep well. samantha didn’t sleep well. i had a headache for most of the day. but now, at 6 p.m., i can say that today was a good day.


while my pink eye came back (ugh, i know), it seems that it’s FINALLY leaving my system, even though i’m not using the drops (i really hate ‘em) and the kids both seem to still be in the clear. we’ve been out and about (locally) for the past 5 days or so. we went to Bible study on thursday. the kids were at carrilee’s on friday (while i went to see my OB and run a few quick errands). saturday was low-key, though davey did get to go on an "adventure" with grandpa & daddy to lowes while samantha and i visited safeway, mcdonalds and grandma. that night, dave made dinner (3 thai dishes!) and his parents came over to enjoy it with us. we ventured to church on sunday (we seem to be on an every-other-week rotation thus far this year) and then enjoyed the superbowl at tim & carrilee’s house. today was play group and then lunch at grandpa & grandma’s house.


(in order from top to bottom: red curry, chicken pad thai, prik king curry)


after davey’s nap, he and i went for a walk in the sunshine to get the mail. then we stayed outside for an HOUR and did some yard work. it’s laundry day, so i was wearing yoga capri pants and a t-shirt (i had removed my sweater b/c it was so nice outside). after an hour, we headed inside and as we were sitting down to a snack, i heard samantha…. which meant she took a 3 hour (and much-needed) nap!


i’m in the process of getting dinner ready (i guess i should get back to menu planning, eh?), doing laundry and "watching the kids." all while typing this entry. tee hee!


but before i go, two quick things: 

1. my new website pages have been scanned and saved to my computer. now dave needs a chunk of time to sit down and make the change. i make no promises when it will happen, but i hope before the end of the month (perhaps, even, before the end of the week?)

2. tomorrow, my wonderful TOM friend, Julie, is coming over to watch my kids for 90+ minutes while i go and get my hair done. for the first time since last june or july. or was it august? or march? i can’t remember. but it’s been a long time. i’m debating what to do. i think i want to chop off a chunk. like 5 inches. maybe. i’m scared. and highlights again. i love blonde, but i hate the roots when they grow out. should i go red again? what do you think? i asked dave and he said "make it sexy." as if that helps!  :)

3. below is a lovely photo. for the first time, one of our children poo’ed in the tub. it was samantha. just plop and there it was. floating… and sinking. and on my watch! dave was wonderful and came quickly to my aid. we drained the tub. did a quick cleaning with bleach. filled it up and back in they went. silly samantha!


so happy monday to you!

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