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unrelated photos

she literally loves to be the center of attention:

if davey’s race track or trains are set up, samantha is usually sitting in the middle of them (or on them).


she must not have hips… ‘cuz most of her pants (especially jeans) have issues staying up:


her vocabulary is still pretty limited: mama, dada, papa, baba, nana (for nana and for banana) and no-no

she has a few other words sprinkled in here and there, but they aren’t regulars. i’m waiting…. WAITING EAGERLY for her to start TALKING. she does sign language for more, thank you, please, and bite. apparently i need to teach her "i’m sorry" as well, since she’s needed to "say" that to davey a lot lately!


yesterday davey wanted to play hide and seek. so he counted "1-2-3-4-6-7-8-9-10" (he really did leave out 5 EVERY time he counted) and then he would come find me. then i counted and he "hid" (which meant he laid on the couch in plain sight). then he wanted to play duck-duck-goose (must’ve learned that at Bible study nursery time). so he’d tap m e on the head and say "duck" then he’d go find sam and tap her on the head and say "duck" and then he’d smack himself on the forehead and say "goose!" really loud and start running up and down the bonus room and hall! it was quite comical. 


dinner time is NOT a pretty time here anymore. we usually have to fight, argue and threaten davey to get him to eat 2 or 3 bites of dinner – even if it’s his favorite thing in the world. lately, he’s been spending a lot of "quiet time" in his room. if he gets out of control (which he’s done a LOT lately), we take him up to his bed. and he’ll stay there – sometimes for up to 20 minutes. and then he’ll come downstairs. sometimes he’s ready to eat again (or play or apologize) but other times he has to go right back up. we’re not sure what’s going on, but we’re trying to nip it in the bud. the worst is his attitude and the nasty way he talks to us sometimes. we’re REALLY trying to pre-empt those!


and there you have it. we’re hoping to have a family morning up to mount baker tomorrow, just playing in the snow. i’m not expecting samantha to be at all happy about it. i’m expecting davey to enjoy it until he gets too wet. and then it’ll be miserable. but i’m looking forward to the adventure.



we’re seeing some improvement in this household…. whew! we still have some pretty crabby kids at times, but overall, they’re doing great. we seem to be on the mend. i’m slowly adding non-BRAT foods into their diet. we’re taking it day by day around here. i’m hoping we can venture to Bible study tomorrow morning, as i’d hate to miss ANOTHER week (i’ve already missed two of the four!)!


i finally snapped a photo of davey with his haircut…. 

what a little man!


and i was ENAMORED with the color of sam’s shirt the other day (it’s not quite as "bright" in real life as it is in these photos), so i snapped some like this, too:


it’s nearly impossible to get them both to look at the camera and smile at the same time. but i love these shots. i have no idea what davey is doing in the first one. samantha is still pretty obsessed with belly buttons – usually just her own, but sometimes yours, as well. i love the photo of davey and samantha checking out her belly button… "OH! it’s still there?! Whew!"


Happy Wednesday from our home to yours!



these photos are from thursday (davey) and saturday (samantha) but show new things about both of them.


on thursday, when davey REALLY wasn’t feeling well, he only took a 90 minute nap (his usual is 2 hours and when he’s sick it goes at least 30 minutes longer than that). so we sat on the couch and watched the Olympics and he fell asleep in my arms for awhile. and then i moved. so he crawled to the other end of the couch. and within 15 minutes, he looked like this:

i don’t think he’s fallen asleep on the couch in a long, long time (perhaps before samantha was born was the last time?). if you can see the photo up close, you’ll see he’s doing his "freaky eye thing" where his eyes are partly open even though he’s sound asleep. he slept like this, off and on, for about 2 hours. he needed that rest. it was after this nap that his fever finally broke (the first time).


on saturday, i was able to snap this photo of samantha:

in the last few weeks, she’s become quite attached to her baby dolls (she has two) and her white blankets (again, she has two). she’s still using a bottle. i tried to wean her from them about 2-3 months ago. we were down to using them only at nap time and bedtime. and then i think she got sick. and now, much as i’d love to be bottle free in this house for a few months, i don’t see it happening. 



it’s sunday. we’re not at church. we’re attempting to keep the kids on the mend and keep them healthy by keeping them OUT of the church nursery for another week (we might venture to Bible study on Thursday). and i’m going to do my best to keep them away from shopping carts (those germ-ridden vehicles are so necessary in the stores!). and, for the most part, i’ll even keep them away from other kids. it’s time we BUILD OUR IMMUNE SYSTEMS so we CAN go to church, so we CAN go to play group, so we CAN run errands and use shopping carts… so one more week of "sequestering." that said, i’m open to outside activities (even with other kids) at the park. at the playground. going for walks. so hopefully we can do some of that this week. but i must be honest and share that i caved last night and let davey eat a little bit of mac and cheese with his dinner (he requested rice krispies – which he’s been eating with rice milk). apparently the mac and cheese didn’t sit so well. b/c he woke up at 2 a.m. with gooey, orange puke (with macaroni in it) all over his pillow. on his sheet. and down the arm of his pajamas. 


so for the next few days, no matter how he whines, pouts, cries, begs or anything else, we’re sticking to the B-R-A-T diet. cuz we are TIRED of puke in this house. very, very tired of it. i should also mention that despite his late night experience, he’s his usual, happy self. running and jumping. drawing and coloring. and pushing the shopping cart and playing and asking for chocolate milk (ummm…. no) and other things that 2-1/2 year old boys do. 



can i just tell you how much joy and delight this little girl brings to our lives? a lot. i think it’s immeasurable. she’s amazing. she’s also demanding, short-tempered, stubborn and all sorts of other not-so-great things, but she can be such a doll. so sweet and loving. and i just wanted to remind myself of that by telling you. she’s been on rice milk for a week now and is doing very well with it. honestly, i’m afraid to switch her back to whole milk b/c i don’t want to deal with the potential of that partially-digested milk vomit (it looks like cottage cheese and smells awful). but rice milk isn’t cheap (so glad they carry it by the case at costco, though)!



pulling through

we might be "out of the woods." it’s been 42 hours since our last episode with vomit in this home. no more fevers. it’s beautiful and sunny outside and it’s been in the 50s (and warmer), so i’ve been opening windows to air out the house. i need to give it a good cleaning again, but i’m lacking some energy.


unrelated to anything i’m telling you in this post, some kid photos:


(my kids love to climb into baskets and bins and buckets and just sit there. crazy kids!)


davey and daddy went on an adventure this morning – haircuts. Davey was LONG overdue for one. his last hair cut was in early July, before Uncle Jeff & Auntie Taryn’s wedding! they both got trims, but davey sure had a lot "trimmed!" then they went to Starbucks for a treat. samantha and i stayed at home playing and watching the Olympics (i’ve been doing that a LOT lately – especially since we have some Canadian stations here, so we can practically watch the Olympics 24/7). but then i decided it was time to get outside in the fresh air and sunshine. so we headed to the garage and driveway. sam played with ride on toys and balls and rocks and bottled water and anything else she could find. i inventoried and reorganized the upright freezer and defrosted it a bit with a hammer. (i need to defrost that thing the correct way this summer!)


when davey and daddy got home, it was time for the kids to play outside and really soak up this beautiful weather (i saw on the forecast it’s supposed to turn cloudy and rainy again on wednesday). i finished with my freezer project and moved on the "leaf removal" project. for whatever reason, our house, our deck, our side yards are LEAF CENTRAL for the neighborhood. it matters not that we have no trees. we still end up with several lawn & leaf bags full of leaves every year. there’s a wind tunnel effect along the one side of our house. crazy, i know. so i cleaned the leaves off the deck (i wasn’t overly ambitious – we’ll just mow over the ones in the yard!) and dave loaded our yard waste onto our trailer (really for bicycles). then we had a family adventure out to tim & carrilee’s house where we dumped our yard waste in the raspberry fields (owned by tim & clee but rented to a local berry farm) and emptied our burnables (the dead leaves, some wood, etc.) onto the burn pile. the kids and i enjoyed henry & jorja’s swing set while daddy did the heavy (and smoky) work. 


now, totally unrelated to anything i’ve shared in this post, here’s a photo of the beautiful roses dave bought me for valentine’s day (davey picked them out at the store):

i got dave a package of Dove dark chocolates (solid, almonds and caramels) – one of his all-time favorites!

still it persists

it’s friday. and whatever germs and bugs have made their way into our home are still wreaking havoc. poor davey has it worst of all. he spent 45 hours (just shy of two days) feeling AWFUL, including vomiting – even just water and ginger ale. he finally felt better. LOTS better. WAY better yesterday. and then last night, b/c i hadn’t been carefully rationing his beverage intake, he puked again shortly before bedtime. and then twice during the night (which i didn’t learn about until this morning – dave took care of it). 


poor kid just can’t shake this stuff. and today, i feel pretty ill, too. could be from all the vomit we’ve been cleaning up this week that now my stomach is really weak and queasy. or it could be that i have a mild version of whatever it is davey has.


so today, samantha is on an adventure with auntie carrilee, henry and jorja while davey and i chill at home. it’s been so frustrating to be stuck inside with the BEAUTIFUL and mostly warm weather we’ve been having, too. i’ll be glad to see spring arrive (early) and to watch these miserable germs leave. 


and now it’s time for me to go add more puke laundry to the washing machine. i’ve been VERY THANKFUL for the past week for my washer and dryer. they aren’t top notch or anything, but they get the job done and they get it done well. and i’m glad i don’t have to haul stuff to the laundromat. or to the river!


we covet your prayers for healing and health in our home. and for boosted immune systems. we’re looking forward to "regular life" again…. though we plan to avoid that for another week or so (no church nursery, no play group, no shopping carts, etc.) so we can try to recover and STAY healthy!

almost the same


i took this photo last week (shortly after samantha threw up on her shirt and socks):


yep. my 30-month old and my almost 16-month old are just about the same size. they weigh the same (around 28 pounds). they wear the same size clothing (24 months and 2T….. though his 24-month clothing is getting a little too small).


but they (mostly) love each other and (mostly) they play well together. they both love remotes, cell phones, davey’s shopping cart (from uncle john & auntie babi), sam’s baby doll stroller and all the toy kitchen plates, cups, teapots and related items. these are the things they fight over ALL. THE. TIME. oh yeah – and sam’s purse (from auntie rachel & uncle sterling). they LOVE that, too!


it seems samantha has picked up, yet another, disgusting bug (big surprise with all the things she sticks in her mouth!). she spent a few days throwing up partially-digested milk all over our house (it’s a good thing dave REALLY wanted that carpet cleaner last year – it’s come in VERY handy lately). so we moved her to the BRAT diet (you may recall that this also happened about 2-3 weeks ago – just before i got sick). we finally had to go without giving her milk AT. ALL for 2 days. that was  pretty torturous…. for us as much as for her. then we found Rice Dream (milk) and things seemed to be going okay. until she had a MAJOR diaper blow out today during naptime (it required full bed-strippage AND a bath). so we’ll see what happens next. i should mention, that we JUST PURCHASED a CASE (12 cartons) of Rice Dream milk at Costco this morning/early afternoon (before naptime).


he’s a rock star



like father, like son:

total rock stars (especially davey in those super hero jammies!).


davey really got into it. daddy plugged his iPhone into the upstairs radio and turned the music up… he pulled out his old guitar (electric? bass? i don’t know the difference!) and let davey go to town. and he didn’t need much encouraging to really get going!


and i start to think about how quickly he’s growing up. he told me yesterday "i a boy. i not a baby. i a boy." he’s been saying he’s a boy for a month or two now. but yesterday was the first day he whipped out that full discussion about being a baby vs being a boy.


so this photo makes me happy. because even though he’s growing up so quickly, he’s still kinda little since this guitar is taller than he! 


my new hair

i almost forgot to show you my NEW HAIR:

i went dark. all over. i hadn’t planned on it. i planned to get my usual cut. and my usual highlights. the same thing i’ve been doing for 6 years now. but as i sat in the chair, and really looked at my hair, i was pretty disgusted. somehow, somewhere, someway, it turned different shades (from top to bottom), including a very brassy, orange-ish color on the bottom. it was not attractive. so for the first time in my life, i went with all over color. SCARED! i certainly was. but i trusted brandi. and i LOVE it. it’s darker than my natural color, but i like it. a lot. dave wasn’t a fan the first day (tuesday – same day this photo was taken), but he’s liking it more now. and i’m stoked. no more various shades of "natural." no more grey (hip hip hooray!). and something new! all good things.


additionally, i believe i told you i’ve been busy working on our Kenya 2006 album (finally). i had all the photos added and most of the journaling completed when i decided i needed to order more photos. so i ordered 133 more photos. (i only ordered 127 the first time around). so i had to pull out ALL the photos and start over. and i’ve run out of page protectors (i ordered more yesterday). but here’s a sneak peek at the inside cover:

those "people" on the lower left are made from chipboard. and i’ve since painted them. i’m excited for the final product of this book. my first goal is to add all the photos. then go back and add the journaling and some decoration/embellishment here and there. basic. easy. fun. and finally (FINALLY!) in progress on it’s way to completion. WHEW!