today i did

it’s saturday. what have you done today? i’ve been very busy and have earned every second of the joy i have right now, sitting on the love seat with my laptop on my lap.


~ i cleaned the JUNK out of our bedroom. toys that needed to move to the garage. empty boxes from Christmas shipping. 

~ i "decorated" the new shelf in the beach/fish bathroom.

~ i removed the rest of our Christmas decorations and put them away (as in, "away for the year back in the crawl space" away).

~ i took a giant load of cardboard and paper recycling to the paper depot today. i started some laundry. i cleaned the floor of our shower and replaced the shower curtain liner. i put away laundry from earlier this week. 

~ i took our rotting pumpkins off the porch and dropped 4 of them into a can to dump in our friend’s fields. as soon as the 3rd one was dropped into the can, i almost lost it. i could HEAR the rotting, liquified insides of the bottom two pumpkins POURING out into the can. it was vile. i had to carry (until the stem broke off and then i had to ROLL) the last rotting pumpkin to the backyard. it’s sitting next to our very full trashcan. and the can with the other rotting pumpkins.

~ i (finally) put away TWO BINS of things that were in the wrong place. you know what i mean. when there’s stuff in your room that belongs elsewhere in the house but you don’t take it there right away… yeah…. i had two large bins like that (one from our bedroom and one from my craft space).

~ i visited the thrift store. talked myself out of two cute green chairs (only $1 each!). then, a few hours later, i returned to the thrift store to buy them. unfortunately, someone else is $2 poorer but two cute chairs happier.

~ i finally mailed some checks to our internet bank.

~ i assembled some wire-rack cubes for more storage in our bonus room.

~ i put away yesterday’s purchases (a few items from old navy’s 50% off clearance prices sale and a few boxes of tissues from target).

~ i emptied the dishwasher and put the dirty dishes into it.

~ i made lunch for the kids and me.

~ i took the opportunity to do some "prep" work in my craft space. 

~ in case you’re wondering, i DID hug my kids. and kiss them. and love on them. but i was glad dave was home so i could get that other stuff done!


i have NOT vacuumed (desperately needed both upstairs and downstairs). 

i have NOT cleaned the office (also DESPERATELY needed).

i have NOT cleaned any of the bathrooms (also desperately needed).

i have NOT cleaned the kitchen.

i have NOT dusted (oh, so very DESPERATELY needed)!


i’m telling you things i did NOT do so you feel better if you haven’t done a whole lot today!  :)


my kids should be awake soon. dave is heading outside to take down our Christmas lights. then he (and davey?) will head over to church to set up some new photography background and lighting equipment the church acquired.  and tonight, dave is planning to make green curry chicken pizza. i’m skeptical. very skeptical. but i will try it. at least a few bites.


and now i hear my sweet girl. wide awake from her EXACTLY 2-hour nap. i miss her longer naps. especially now that davey is sleeping later this week (he has a cold). sigh. 

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