sick bites

so yesterday was awful. i’m not expecting today to be tons better.


on tuesday night, i tried to go to bed at 8 pm. i took two tylenol (b/c i’d had a headache for hours) and a unisom (b/c i NEEDED to sleep). my body ached. i had a very sore throat. dave watched the kids, bathed them, put them both to bed… pretty much, he was the perfect daddy and husband.


i fell asleep around 9 pm. woke up around 1:30 am. and was only able to doze off and on from then until morning. i looked at the clock about every hour. my body ached. and major lower back pain. i tossed and turned and turned and tossed. around 7:30 am i think i told Dave i was too sick to function. so he got up with the kids and took a sick day from work. and i dozed again, looking at the clock about every 30 minutes, until 9 am. and then i discovered a massive headache. and nausea if i was upright. and chills followed by hot flashes. 


around noon i decided i was having a migraine. my first ever. i was miserable. thankfully, i knew my neighbor had some magic headache pills that were safe to take when pregnant. and she brought me two. by 1:30 i was able to function a little. i even took a shower. and all day long, i rested in bed, watching movies, attempting to feel human again.


my conclusion: the flu (minus a fever) AND a migraine. awful combination. i wouldn’t wish it on anyone. so here’s hoping today is a better day. i have limited hope. but hope none-the-less. 

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