our Christmas loot

 so you wanna know what we received for Christmas? (the main gifts, at least – i can’t remember everything!)


Davey: wooden train set from us and nana. shopping cart from uncle john & auntie babi. pixar’s CARS remote control track set from grandpa & grandma.. stainless steel (child sized) pots, pans, lids and utensils from uncle sterling & auntie rachel. 




Samantha: casio keyboard (from us). doll with buttons, zipper, velcro, etc. learning from uncle john & auntie babi. cabbage patch doll & stainless steel pots & pans from grandpa & grandma. black fancy purse (from Nordstrom!) from uncle sterling & auntie rachel. clothing (new long-sleeve shirts THAT FIT!) from nana. 


Dave: camera body (from me). TV (from the kids). ice crusher, herb garden & noise cancelling head phones from my mom. hedge trimmers & a thai cookbook from his parents. a beanie/tuk (aka: winter hat) and some cooking spices from taryn.


Me: slippers, cake stand/punch bowl, cupcake & cake carrier from dave. necklace & earrings and a red wool coat from my mom. maternity skirt & polka dot shirt from dave’s parents. Christmas soldier nutcracker & sparkly zebra print shoes from sterling. sparkly, strappy high heel sandals from john & babi. 



- in dave’s family, the "kids" – meaning dave, his siblings and their spouses – myself included – pick names. so this year sterling drew my name. and taryn drew dave’s name. we’re quite pleased with the gifts we received!

- my mom sends us money every year to buy items for each other (from her) and this year she had us buy some items for the kids, too. 



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