funny kids

man, i had a hard time "getting started" yesterday – anyone else? we did make it to play group. at a new house. where sam found the nailpolish remover under the bathroom cabinet. i still think she spilled it without swallowing any (her breath didn’t smell like the nailpolish remover), but she sure did make a mess! and i "flushed" her with water anyway. i really have to stay on my toes with that girl. how’d she even get into the bathroom? sigh.


i feel like i’m "barely functioning" these days. it’s been over a week since samantha has slept through the night. i’m not sure if it’s a growth spurt (she’s not too eager for the bottle of milk in the middle of the night/morning) or her teething (she’s got at least one new one coming in – i felt it on sunday). but either way, i’m tired. i’ve been spending the kids’ naptime taking my own naps. somedays those naps are helpful. other days (like yesterday), i was in a fog for far too long. i’m eagerly awaiting the day when she sleeps through the night again. 


along with sam’s sleep issues, dave and i are struggling with insomnia issues. he thinks it’s related to the lack of sunlight here. it has been pretty doomy and gloomy. we definitely don’t get enough vitamin D in this part of the world. mine could be baby-related, since the nausea is getting much better. i think the worst part of our insomnia issues is that we’re on opposite nights. if i sleep well, he doesn’t – and vice versa. we’re both looking forward to some good, solid, restful, refreshing sleep. 


and since you’ve read enough rambling from me for yet another day, here are some photos dave has snapped lately: 



and as much as they drive us crazy, these two cuties also bring us so much joy and happiness! we are blessed. very, very blessed. 

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