crazy and wonderful

thank you for bearing with my long delay from posting. and for humoring me regarding that weird post about school lunch memories. sometimes stuff just hits you and you have to share it, you know?


our Christmas, while crazy, was wonderful. we spent Christmas Eve here in our home with Dave’s family (dad, mom, rachel, jeff & taryn and tom – sterling was on call and had to stay in seattle for Christmas Eve and Day). we enjoyed dave’s chilis (regular and smoked pork chili) and some loaded cheddar & potato soup. we made it a low-key and relaxing evening (though dave and i worked non-stop for several hours preparing for the evening!) where we sat around the living room enjoying our tasty food options. and then, because taryn had NEVER seen it, we enjoyed a dunkin-family classic movie: A Christmas Story ("you’ll shoot your eye out!"). taryn laughed in all the right places… so i think she’s a keeper!


on Christmas morning we woke up, opened our stockings and then got breakfast started (homemade cinnamon rolls – i made them the day before and only had to bake them – way better than making them from scratch on Christmas morning like i did last year or the year before – NOT a smart move!). while the rolls were in the oven, we started opening presents. the kids were a bit overwhelmed. davey was EXCITED and sam didn’t care a lick about presents. she wanted to play with her toys. and davey’s toys. but had no desire to tear wrapping paper off the gifts. so noted, sweet daughter.




we enjoyed our breakfast, briefly played with the kids’ toys and then got ready to go to dave’s parents’ home (by 11 a.m.). once there, we shared Christmas greetings, opened stockings and waited for everyone to arrive so we could read the Christmas story and begin the long process of opening gifts. there was wrapping paper, tissue paper and gift boxes and tags everywhere… but it was so much fun. coming from such a small family, the reality of having 10 people opening multiple presents in the matter of an hour is kinda crazy – and i thrived on it! then again, gifts are one of my love languages – giving AND receiving!




we spent the whole day (until about 9 o’clock) at dave’s parents’ house. the kids did NOT nap (i even took samantha for a drive to get the crabby girl to conk out – it worked until i had to try to move her to the house!). but we enjoyed our day with family just relaxing, taking photos (dave), assembling puzzles (me and dad), reading magazines and books, playing Wii and other fun things. it was what Christmas should be – a day spent with family just enjoying being together.


the next day, we spent about 3 hours at dad & mom’s house (brunch) b/c sterling was finally able to leave seattle (not on call and not working), followed by a break at our house (so the kids would nap) followed by another 3 hours at dad & mom’s house (for dinner). sterling and i finished dad’s puzzle (it was the coca cola one you sent, mom!). we did save the last piece for him but then davey found it and installed it and i felt bad taking it out b/c he kept looking at his handi-work!  




we had more family time on sunday at church and afterwards. i know dave’s mom was wiped out after so much cooking and meal prep and clean-up time for 3 days straight, but it was so much appreciated!

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