48 hours

so it appears i had a 48-hour bug topped off with a cold. davey’s cold. or perhaps i had a cold topped off with a 48-hour bug. i’m not sure which.


davey i went to see our neighborhood doctor yesterday. mind you, i had JUST been there on tuesday afternoon, about 2.5 hours before my 48-hour bug hit. sheesh. so i have a cold. davey’s cold, to be exact. it’s nice that he’s sharing, but i’d rather he share his toys and books instead of his germs. davey, on the other hand, has a cold which gave him an ear infection and could have turned into pink eye. {insert shiver here}. so he has now begun a 10-day round of anti-biotics which will clear up the ear and prevent a case of visible pink eye. and hopefully samantha won’t get it. (did i mention that davey has had more eye boogers in the past 3-4 days than he’s had in the past 2 years?! and yesterday morning, after a small coughing fit, he threw up SNOT on our bedsheets and comforter. so i washed both. the comforter, however, didn’t fit in our washing machine as well as it did when we first bought it so there was water all over my floor after the washing cycle was done AND it got caught on something in the machine so there was a huge tear in the fabric! just not my day, right?!)


many thanks to dave, who stayed home from work on wednesday and then went in late and came home early on thursday. he was  HUGE help with the kids. and many thanks, also, to my mother-in-law, who came by on wednesday night to give the kids baths and then came back on thursday to help with the kids while dave went into work. and she gets bonus points b/c she was sick (potentially with the start of my 48-hour bug). and thanks, too, to my father-in-law, who took an extended lunch break (without any food) to drive davey and i to the doctor’s office on thursday. and finally, thanks to other family and lots of friends for praying, encouraging, sending sympathy… and just all round caring about our family! keep us in your thoughts and prayers, please – dave and samantha need to stay healthy!


in the midst of this, i had to do my 2009 taxes for Tam’s Treasure Box. UGH. AND i had to complete AND MAIL (aka: have postmarked) an application to take a certification exam for work. the deadline to take the mid-June exam (when i’m largely pregnant and could potentially deliver a week later) is February 1st. the next exam date after that is September. when i’ll have a 3-month old baby, the exam will be located a minimum of 2 hours from my house and the exam is 4-6 hours long. yeah. not the greatest of timings for me, eh? but i only have until mid-November to re-earn this certification (that i allowed to lapse just a year ago) or i’ll be an Intern at work again (which is at least $10 less per hour)! right now, i’m just thankful that i get reimbursed for the exam fee ($385)!!! 


and some sad news: yesterday i was supposed to borrow my father-in-law’s scanner (in his work office) to scan my new website pages. because i was sick, that didn’t happen. so it’s doubtful that the new website will appear this weekend. can you wait another week?




2 thoughts on “48 hours

  1. I’m certain everyone will agree that we can wait a bit longer. Glad there is so much good help when you are in need. Thanks Dave, Dave and Linda, etc.

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