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more sb pages

so my 48-hour bug post was wrong. i’m still sick. quite sick. and quite tired. but at least i can function. and from time to time, i have a spurt of energy, which i use to do laundry or clean a bathroom or make some food. samantha and i are now taking eye drops for pink eye. and davey is still on his anti-biotics for the ear infection/pink eye (his pink eye never fully materialized). dave now has the very sore throat and the stuffy sinuses. we are a pretty darn sick household. but i’m trying to wash things – blankets, sheets, door knobs, light switches, etc. to prevent it from spreading further. and i still have to start the toy cleaning process. i’m not looking forward to that one. but i know it’ll be worth it. i just want this creepy crud out of this house! out of our bodies! and back to our routine. this week we missed work, Bible study, shopping with auntie taryn, an appointment, and tomorrow we’ll miss church. we’ll skip play group on monday and hopefully we can return to our "normally scheduled activities" on tuesday!


i am VERY THANKFUL for so many amazing friends who have been so kind and generous. i know a lot of people are praying for us. and my friend suzanne brought by some homemade chicken noodle soup & homemade bread (and they were still warm!). shelly delivered some monster cookies (mmmmmmm!)! mary jo is bringing dinner and some extra disinfectant wipes (for above mentioned toy-cleaning). several people offered to do my laundry. all of it. becky "listened" (via e-mail) to me whine and complain about this stupid cold that has knocked me on my behind for over 4 days now. to all of you, THANK YOU! you have encouraged me and comforted me more than you likely realize.


and please keep praying for us. and for my mother-in-law. bless her heart, she has it, too.  


but since we need some fun and pretty things to read and see right now, in case you didn’t get enough last week….. here are some more of my recent layouts (for those of you who enjoy seeing this kind of stuff) – and mom, i’d encourage you to look through them… you’re in some with your sweet grandkids!



my mom HATES to have her photo taken. she’s a willing participant, but she won’t sit still, she won’t continue to look at the camera for more than 1 second and she won’t smile. but all that aside, she needs to be in photos. especially with her grandkids. ‘cuz she LOVES them. and they ADORE her. as for the page itself, before Treasury closed, i did a LOT of die cutting. and i die cut MOST of my smaller scraps into hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hearts. glittered, acetate, foam, felt, cardstock, patterned paper, you name it… i’ve got it. and i LOVE to add them on lots and LOTS of pages!



what’s not to love about die cut edged paper… fuzzy-felty letter stickers… mini letter stickers (to finish the title)… journaling spots… button groupings… my sweet little boy exploring the grass and magnolia tree flowers in the sunshine with his daddy?



here’s a layout where i struggled quite a bit in the "creating" process. most of the photos are really dark, so i knew i wanted to use the orange paper to brighten it up a bit. but i wanted the orange ON something. too much orange is not a good thing!  :)   but white cardstock wasn’t working. neither was my standard go-to: lined journaling paper (like notebook paper). i have a package of kraft and liked it, but thought it was a bit dark. i eventually made it work by adding white letters, a glittery (and bright lime green) heart and the journaling card with mostly white and some orange. i also felt that ribbon on the left edge pulled it together. and i knew i didn’t want it to run all the way up the page, so i ended it early, cut at an angle. this is one of those simple pages that actually took a lot of time and thought and energy. but i got there. i like the results.



ahhh, sweet, little samantha wearing her "black dress" onesie from auntie carrilee! this page came together pretty easily, which surprised me. i used my exacto knife to cut around some of the elements/designs on the patterned paper and then i slipped the photo (and journaling) behind those cuts. dave put those letters that i used in the title in my stocking this Christmas – good choice, honey. i LOVED being able to use that vintage butterfly (it was a ribbon slide – but i cut off the extra metal pieces) on this layout – it was the perfect touch! and, of course, the polka-dot heart from one of my marathon die cutting sessions!


here’s a two-pager with interactive elements:


the photo on the bottom right of the left hand page lifts up to reveal journaling and another photo:

and the photo on the top right of the right-hand page is a little booklet with 4 additional photos:

there are two photos on the "other" side of the booklet, which is attached to the page. i used to do a lot of interactive elements like this on my scrapbook pages. i think i stopped doing it b/c i would make a mini book, instead, if i had a lot of photos, but i’m back on a layout kick these days. this layout is really simple and basic with mostly cardstock, but i like it. it does what it’s supposed to do: tell the story of our sunday afternoon at zuanich point park. (side note: this trip/these photos were taken less than a month before samantha was born)!


another two-pager:

this is another layout where i struggled. for quite some time but in the end, i like what i have. i had a lot more photos that i opted to "edit out" of the layout, so that helped. i really wanted to use that patterned paper and i was really struggling. i’m not convinced i made the best use of it, but, as i said, i’m content with my final result. i did use my finger to dry brush some paint around the edges of each page – i think it added that "little something extra" it needed to appear finished.


and, yet another, two-pager:


now this layout… this one i really like. i like the white, green & pink color combo (to play off samantha’s polka dot outfit). i love the big letter stickers. i like that i finished (or started) the title with stamping (even though i obviously needed to clean that "d" stamp better!). i like the journaling paper, the pink felt owl, the flowers and the bling… the ribbon and stickers under the photos… it all just "worked" for me. 


okay… just a few more, i promise!



another die-cut edge paper… but i mounted it on a full sheet of cardstock for a slightly different look. this one was pretty simple, so to "perk it up" a bit, i added bling on the flowers and some glitter on the stamped "s" and the stamped birds (lower left and right corners). i also liked adding that carter’s kids clothing tag… i have a BUNCH of those things saved and every once in awhile, they work really well on a layout.



this one was a lot of fun and i’m not sure why. i started with the photos and then pulled this paper. for some odd (and unknown) reason, my brain kept telling me "use this one." so i dug through my scraps to see what i could use to brighten it up…. some yellow striped paper, some turquoise flocked paper and some orange ribbon… perfect! i added the orange letters, some journaling and a few stickers and there it was! but something was missing. so i dug through my scraps a little more and found the paper with the MOD circles in orange and blue. and i cut it into a circle and slipped it behind the photos – MUCH better! i added the orange giraffe simply because he was orange and the ribbon tab in the upper left corner and felt that the page was pretty well balanced. but the more i looked at the layout, the more i couldn’t tell which kid was which… hence the "initial" letters (d for davey and s for samantha)!


and finally, one of my recent FAVORITES: 


i LOVE these photos of davey… full of energy, life, joy, silliness… so him. and when i pulled out the photos and paper i had chosen to use, all i had were the three photos and that one sheet of paper that’s mostly covered up (blue with a little bit of red, white and light blue on it). i grabbed a sheet of red cardstock from my stash and then dug into my scraps for more red & blue paper from the same line (it’s one of my all-time favorite lines from one of my all-time favorite, and now defunct, companies!). i randomly added bits of red and striped paper here and there. i tore some edges. then i pulled out a denim heart (yep, from that die cutting session!) and started pulling out random embellishments (metals, stickers, etc) and started adding things to the layout. i had a lot more to add, but i didn’t want to go overboard, so i called it "enough!" and there you have it. randomness that has become a favorite! oh – and my journaling is right on the dead space of that bottom photo – i used an american crafts slick writer pen so the ink wouldn’t smear!


thanks for bearing with me through yet another scrapbook page tutorial post. i hope some of you enjoyed the info. and i hope most of you enjoyed the layouts. let me know if we should do this again next month! 



48 hours

so it appears i had a 48-hour bug topped off with a cold. davey’s cold. or perhaps i had a cold topped off with a 48-hour bug. i’m not sure which.


davey i went to see our neighborhood doctor yesterday. mind you, i had JUST been there on tuesday afternoon, about 2.5 hours before my 48-hour bug hit. sheesh. so i have a cold. davey’s cold, to be exact. it’s nice that he’s sharing, but i’d rather he share his toys and books instead of his germs. davey, on the other hand, has a cold which gave him an ear infection and could have turned into pink eye. {insert shiver here}. so he has now begun a 10-day round of anti-biotics which will clear up the ear and prevent a case of visible pink eye. and hopefully samantha won’t get it. (did i mention that davey has had more eye boogers in the past 3-4 days than he’s had in the past 2 years?! and yesterday morning, after a small coughing fit, he threw up SNOT on our bedsheets and comforter. so i washed both. the comforter, however, didn’t fit in our washing machine as well as it did when we first bought it so there was water all over my floor after the washing cycle was done AND it got caught on something in the machine so there was a huge tear in the fabric! just not my day, right?!)


many thanks to dave, who stayed home from work on wednesday and then went in late and came home early on thursday. he was  HUGE help with the kids. and many thanks, also, to my mother-in-law, who came by on wednesday night to give the kids baths and then came back on thursday to help with the kids while dave went into work. and she gets bonus points b/c she was sick (potentially with the start of my 48-hour bug). and thanks, too, to my father-in-law, who took an extended lunch break (without any food) to drive davey and i to the doctor’s office on thursday. and finally, thanks to other family and lots of friends for praying, encouraging, sending sympathy… and just all round caring about our family! keep us in your thoughts and prayers, please – dave and samantha need to stay healthy!


in the midst of this, i had to do my 2009 taxes for Tam’s Treasure Box. UGH. AND i had to complete AND MAIL (aka: have postmarked) an application to take a certification exam for work. the deadline to take the mid-June exam (when i’m largely pregnant and could potentially deliver a week later) is February 1st. the next exam date after that is September. when i’ll have a 3-month old baby, the exam will be located a minimum of 2 hours from my house and the exam is 4-6 hours long. yeah. not the greatest of timings for me, eh? but i only have until mid-November to re-earn this certification (that i allowed to lapse just a year ago) or i’ll be an Intern at work again (which is at least $10 less per hour)! right now, i’m just thankful that i get reimbursed for the exam fee ($385)!!! 


and some sad news: yesterday i was supposed to borrow my father-in-law’s scanner (in his work office) to scan my new website pages. because i was sick, that didn’t happen. so it’s doubtful that the new website will appear this weekend. can you wait another week?




sick bites

so yesterday was awful. i’m not expecting today to be tons better.


on tuesday night, i tried to go to bed at 8 pm. i took two tylenol (b/c i’d had a headache for hours) and a unisom (b/c i NEEDED to sleep). my body ached. i had a very sore throat. dave watched the kids, bathed them, put them both to bed… pretty much, he was the perfect daddy and husband.


i fell asleep around 9 pm. woke up around 1:30 am. and was only able to doze off and on from then until morning. i looked at the clock about every hour. my body ached. and major lower back pain. i tossed and turned and turned and tossed. around 7:30 am i think i told Dave i was too sick to function. so he got up with the kids and took a sick day from work. and i dozed again, looking at the clock about every 30 minutes, until 9 am. and then i discovered a massive headache. and nausea if i was upright. and chills followed by hot flashes. 


around noon i decided i was having a migraine. my first ever. i was miserable. thankfully, i knew my neighbor had some magic headache pills that were safe to take when pregnant. and she brought me two. by 1:30 i was able to function a little. i even took a shower. and all day long, i rested in bed, watching movies, attempting to feel human again.


my conclusion: the flu (minus a fever) AND a migraine. awful combination. i wouldn’t wish it on anyone. so here’s hoping today is a better day. i have limited hope. but hope none-the-less. 

samantha and some friends

just a reminder for those of you who don’t live near here… these are some of my friends:

(left to right: Carrilee with Jorja, Taya, Shelly, Karla with Alyssa, Jessica and me)


These are some of the moms in my playgroup. These women have pulled me through so many ups and downs over the last 3 years. They all have a very, VERY special place in my heart. So if any of you women (pictured or not) are reading this, please know that i love you all very much. and i think the world of you. you each bring something unique to our group. you each mean something special to me. you have each touched me and improved my life in so many ways. and i just wanted to tell everyone!


Taya captured this photo of Sam at the same playgroup (a few weeks ago). I love it b/c I think it FULLY shows her personality. And those two other sweet girls in the photo above? yeah. Jorja is 3 months older than Samantha and Alyssa is 5 months younger than Samantha. And Samantha TOWERS over both of them! (have i told you that she’s currently wearing shirts and pants size 24 months and 2T? and that she’s ONLY 15 months old?!) but the really fun part: these three girls could all be in the same grade in school. i LOVE that! my "longest" friend dates back to 4th grade (that’s you, Jenn!) and we went for a number of years without really communicating much (if at all)… can you IMAGINE if Samantha’s life-long friend(s) date back to BIRTH?!  CUH-RAZY! that’s something i can’t hardly fathom!


can i tell you something else cool? my friend Karla, who had TWINS (Alyssa, pictured above and Luke, not pictured) just 10 months ago, IS PREGNANT WITH ME! yep. we’re due just ONE DAY APART. and i’m so thankful that we can be part of the "older moms club" together! and i’m thankful that she lives a few blocks down the street. and i’m thankful that she’s logical and level-headed. ‘cuz there are going to be days (and likely, lots of them) when i’ll need her sanity to keep me going! and hopefully, i’ll be able to bring some sanity to her, as well (‘cuz she’ll have a 4-year old, two 16-month old kids and a newborn)!



all davey and randomness

forgive me, please, if i’ve already shared any of these photos of my son. who is growing up quickly. many times, far too quickly. 


the sheer joy of DONUT FACE!!!!   :)  (he had just enjoyed some powdered sugar covered mini donuts – one of this mama’s FAVORITE treats)!


jumping…. landing…. davey saying "i jumped"



after enjoying some yummy chocolate cake:


enjoying his Christmas trains:


(and no, nana, we have NOT replaced elmo’s batteries yet… and NO, we do not intend to do so!)


totally unrelated, i LOVE lists. things to do. things to buy. things to make. things to clean. things to pack. i’m a list girl. i love ‘em. can’t get enough of ‘em. so i have a list of things "to do" this week. one of those items is "MAKE MONSTER COOKIES." it’s a huge undertaking b/c my recipe makes a BIG batch. but they freeze well. i need to go buy some M&Ms so i can make the cookies. i have a few Christmas M&Ms left, but i didn’t want my cookies to look like left overs. AND THEN IT HIT ME. A PRETTY DARN GOOD IDEA. 


i got out two small containers. i put the greens in one container. and the red M&Ms in the other. and i still need to buy a bag of M&Ms to make my batch of cookies, but now, i can ALSO make some monster cookies JUST for valentine’s day (with the red M&Ms) and some monster cookies JUST for st. patrick’s day (with the green M&Ms)… and they’ll just go in the freezer until the correct holiday and then everyone will think i’m amazing for picking out red M&Ms for one holiday and green for another when i was simply using up my Christmas candy! should i tell you now, or later, that we still have lots and lots of left over halloween candy in this house?!   :)


also, my new Bible study at church starts this week. Thursday mornings. we’re doing a Donna Partow study on 2 Corinthians. I’ve never heard of her before. I started working on the first lesson. will let you know what i think after a few weeks. i really miss doing Precepts. we still have a class, but i just can’t commit to the time required for it. i keep reminding myself that "this is a season" and one day, before i know it, i will be able to commit to the time required for that study series. but for now, i shall simply pine for it!   :)


are you getting excited for the big reveal? my new website pages? the blog screen with BIGGER text area…. meaning LESS scrolling for you to read a few simple sentences? yea. i thought so. just a little bit longer….


until then, happy tuesday. today is the only day with nothing on our calendar. a trip to the grocery store and rite aid (gotta get those M&Ms) is likely. but nothing planned. ahhhh…. how nice! 


just us

because i know it’s all about the kids… and seeing photos of the kids…


davey with grandpa – one of his all-time, hands down, most FAVORITE people in the world:


i think grandpa’s pretty smitten, too!


samantha, playing with her Christmas girlie-girl purse from auntie rachel & uncle sterling:

it’s from Nordstrom. yes. it is. and she loves it! i love that she’s wearing a long-sleeve t-shirt, a diaper, no bottoms and is STILL trying to put this thing onto her shoulder. she’s all about style!


but it can’t always be JUST about the kids. how about these people?

pretty good photo of dave’s parents. 


or how about this?

that’s what i found in the couch when i was vacuuming (including under the couch cushions) last week! and that’s MY side of the couch… who know HOW LONG those mega blocks have been there… and i had NO CLUE!



**Random, Fun News: I have designed a NEW BLOG LOOK!!! finally! after all these years! so later this week i’ll be scanning the pages and, hopefully over the weekend, dave will have the opportunity to update this look. so enjoy one final week of crazy color and pattern!

scrapbook update

some of you will totally skip over this post b/c it’s all about scrapbooking. and that’s okay. i know you love me (or my kids) anyway. but i know that i have SOME friends out there who would like to see photos (no matter how bad) of things i’ve been doing lately.


when the kids are playing upstairs in the bonus room, they often don’t want additional "interaction" from mama (or daddy) so i can lock myself into my scrap area and still watch over them. for the past two years, i’ve been able to "crank out" the layouts based on my latest "process" which involves pre-matching photos to paper. from there, i simply pull out a stack of paper & photos from a box and start pulling other things to go with it. i’ve let go of my "perfectionist" tendencies. i no longer need to have that PERFECT piece of paper or button or embellishment or font to go with a set of photos. i’d rather have my pictures in albums with memories recorded than sitting unloved and un-viewed in a box!


so for those of you who care, here are some (poor) photos of some layouts i’ve created over the past few weeks. i found it interesting that i actually created THREE double-page layouts (98% of my layouts in the last 4 or 5 years have been 1-page). if i think there are interesting "areas" on a layout, i tried to give you a close up so you can see the layers or embellishments or whatever i used/did. but feel free to ask for more details!



i tried inking that "female" chipboard piece in the last photo. it was the same green color as the heart. but it looked awful. so i used my finger and painted over it in white. but i didn’t want it to be a "solid" white, so i like the green ink showing through a bit… never a mistake… just opportunities for embellishment and creativity!



the wire heart in that last photo was handmade by my friend Elizabeth Wickland. It was on our wedding card. it fell off the card within the first year and i’ve saved it all this time to use as an accent on a page… it just worked here! i think you can also see that the "M" in "months" is torn. oops! i think that happened when i was taking it off the backing sheet. still usable, though!



i saved a bunch of "ephemera" for this page and ended up not using any of it. sometimes that happens. i love the random little collage of vintage buttons and that green "washington state sales tax" token. it came in the same jar with those other buttons, purchased at an antique store last year with cousin Tracy Getchell. and i love those October Afternoon letters (red)…. a little bigger than the making memories ones!



these photos were from that same trip to sonic (seen above) but deserved their own page. and i had already cut that "goofy…" red phrase with my silhouette and needed to use it. these photos were a good match! i love that davey has on two DIFFERENT shoes and i didn’t care (but dave and my mom did)!!!



sorry for the graphic photo of my face post-surgery last year. since this is the same surgeon who did my OTHER eye surgery 4 years earlier, i thought it appropriate to get my photo taken with him (pre-op). see that round thing with the metal in the center in the bottom right? yeah. that was still on my chest when i got home. OOPS – guess they missed one! and the center photos shows how i layered some stickers for post-op meds.



i LOVE these photos. i LOVE that little dress. i used my FAVORITE stamps for the title. and i’ve had that flower brad for a LONG time. glad to finally use it! and i love the little "collage" of embellishments in the last photo – the metal "7," the heart and epoxy sticker and the owl… plus the punched scalloped circle and the "s" sticker (for "samantha" and "seven" months).


tired of looking at layouts  yet? no? really? okay… here are some more!


my heart would melt anytime i’d see davey’s feet sticking through the crib slats. it does the same thing when i see samantha’s feet like that. so cute! i love the large title letters and the glittery heart over the sticker. 



the colors are washed out in the first photo, but i gave up trying to fix it. you get the idea. i like that the title here is layered on some notebook patterned paper. and i wanted to show you that i do make "oopses" from time to time. on the date sticker, i accidentally had the wrong date in the center, so i covered it with a year sticker – which, FORTUNATELY, i realized was the WRONG YEAR and i was able to replace it before making an EVEN BIGGER mess!  :)


just a simple page. nothing really to note other than the "my brilliant ideas" sheet came from Elizabeth Wickland in a care package… i think she found it at the dollar spot at Michaels?!


i have more pages to show you, but i’m tired of uploading them right now. we’ll save them for another post. besides, i need to go get ready to take the kids out and run some errands and then off to my birthday dinner/party at Pizza Hut with some extended family!



four eyes


thank you for all the birthday wishes yesterday (here and on facebook and my voicemail…). the day didn’t start out great (is it even possible when you have sick kids?) but it ended with me in much better spirits. 


i received a beautiful delivery while i was at the grocery store with the kids (trying to find bland foods that samantha will eat since she’s not partial to at least 3 of the 4 main ingredients of the "BRAT" diet). here’s what was waiting outside my front door:

many thanks to my brother, sister-in-law and nieces who had these sent to my home!


despite having a slightly "more challenging" day, the kids and i did have some laughs. including samantha when davey discovered our 3D glasses in their toys box:

i think she makes those glasses look good!


since today is wednesday, that means i get three GLORIOUS hours in my home, alone, without the kids. my mother-in-law is graciously watching my kids so i can get some work done for strategic. so i guess i should go make good use of my time!


the 19th

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me today! While Dave has to be at work today, at least I can enjoy my day with these two kiddos:


Davey is feeling much better (head cold) but Samantha has contracted a nasty case of serious diarrhea. We’re talking GROSS. Plus her vomiting experience on Sunday (see my facebook statuses for that story). I hope it’s related to teething and nothing more serious. 


We (the kids and I) were supposed to go to the Burlington Children’s Museum today with my friend, Sue and her son, Jake (aka: Snoop), but with Davey’s head cold and Samantha’s diarrhea, we had to postpone our shared adventure (though Sue’s still going – let me know how much Jake loved it, Sue!). Instead, we’ll spend the day at home. Perhaps I’ll continue to clean my mini blinds (I have a new secret cleaning technique that involves ZERO scrubbing AND it works!). Or perhaps I’ll (we’ll) goof off all day. I’d love to go shopping. ALONE. For some new maternity pants. But that’s not really an option since I can’t leave the kids at home alone. But that’s okay. I’m a mama first these days. And while I get frustrated at times, I LOVE my children. 


My birthday gift from Dave is a trip to San Jose, California in March. He has to go there for business and I’m going to tag along (with a few other wives) for pleasure. Nana plans to fly out here to watch the kiddos. By herself. For 4 nights (I’m hoping Dave’s parents will be able to help out some?)!


My family birthday dinner celebration will be this Friday night. My request this year: PIZZA HUT. I’ve just been craving their pizza for ages (note: we don’t have Papa Johns out here or I’d be craving that instead)… so the craving shall be fulfilled. And I will NOT feel guilty for wanting a simple, deep dish, pepperoni pizza. So plain. So boring. But, OH-SO-TASTY!!