oh christmas tree

we got our tree today! the earliest ever for us. and we’re pretty happy with it. tomorrow, we’ll bring it in the house (we always let it sit in a bucket of warm water in the garage overnight – i’m not sure why, but i heard that’s what we’re supposed to do). and we’ll move some stuff out of the living room, add the tree and DECORATE it!


we all liked this one, even davey. dave and i were ready to take this. we’d only been out there for 90 seconds. it wasn’t super cold. but why wander when you’ve found a keeper? but davey didn’t want us to cut it down. "not this one," he said. 


so we kept walking. and then we found this one:

and, again, he liked it. but told us "not this one." so we had a little talk. and it turns out that davey just liked wandering among the trees. he didn’t really care WHICH tree we chose.


so we chose that one. that second one…. it was a far better tree than the first.


sam was in the stroller b/c i forgot her shoes. i was SURE they were in the car. they were in the stroller. the OTHER stroller. back in our garage. i got lucky we had this stroller (even though it does NOT do well "off roading") so i didn’t have to heft her around!


so after less than 5 minutes in the field, we headed back to the pathfinder with our beautiful tree. while dave tied it to the car:


davey and i headed to the "yittle house"


to pay for our christmas tree:


i’m eager to decorate the tree… ‘cuz then i can wrap presents and put them under (or behind) it! i have cool wrapping paper this year (red & white houndstooth… thanks, alissa!) and i have (please don’t hate me) MOST of my shopping finished. just my youngest niece, my husband and my father-in-law to finish. not bad, eh?!  :)  i even have all the stocking stuffers i need for dave and the kids!

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