not your typical museum

since dave took the week of thanksgiving off from work, we planned an adventure with the kids. on wednesday morning, we headed to downtown bellingham to enjoy some tasty rocket donuts before venturing further south for a NEW experience….. the childrens museum.


seriously. a museum for children. the museums i knew as a kid, aside from one in philly that had a beating heart that you could walk through (so cool!) were all about walking, looking and NOT TOUCHING.


not this museum. the entry fee was only $5 per person (and sam was free)! and every exhibit was MEANT for kids to touch. learn. explore. davey had a blast climbing onto a boat, driving a semi truck cab, playing with some cool sand, going fishing, buying food, operating a crane…. and more. sam was pretty impressed with the place, too. 


so without any further explanation:





4 thoughts on “not your typical museum

  1. Fun! We have a Children’s Museum in Bozeman that we have frequented since Ellie was less than a year old. Isn’t it fun to have a place where they can go and explore and you don’t have to be on constant watch that they are going to destroy something?? Our Museum of the Rockies is going to be opening up a brand new children’s section soon and I am really excited about that, too! Maybe the next time you guys come out we’ll have to visit it!

  2. Couple of observations – Did Sam enjoy the taste of the sand? What was in overhead tubes that D & S were looking up at? Did Sam try to eat any of the animals? The horse photo of D & S is adorable and who had more fun, the children or daddy?

  3. i’ve been wanting to take konnor there for the past year. looks like you all had a great time. now i might actually have to get off my butt and take konnor.

    p.s. can’t wait to see you at the xmas party!

  4. have you been to the Please Touch Museum in Philly? A GREAT museum…and they want you to PLEASE TOUCH the exhibits. My kids had a blast – a shopping center, a big bowl of cereal that you could slide into (ok, with pretend milk!). And they’ve recently moved to a new location and apparently that is even MORE wonderful than the old location. A must-try next time you’re home! :)

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