how am i feeling?


lots of people are asking me how i’m feeling these days. the answer: pretty crummy. i’m nauseated 90% of the time. lots and LOTS of dry heaving. i mean lots! i’m tired a lot. some days i barely make it through the day. other days, i just "suck it up" (an old motto of mine!) and do stuff anyway. it’s all in my head, right?


i’m still trying to finish my Christmas shopping. and our Christmas cards (waiting for a photo). and i’m working on a "journal your Christmas" album. 


so right now, everything is "one day at a time." sometimes, it’s more like "one minute at a time."


we had dave’s Christmas party (for work) on Friday night. as usual, we had a good time and we’re so thankful for his job. we stayed out late with some friends and we enjoyed the break – just being "us" and not parents for a few hours. and last night we went out (without kids again!) with a few other couples for a big birthday dinner for our friend Tim. it was a long drive to a delicious dinner. and now we probably won’t get out together (without kids) until next year!  :)


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