samantha before bed


samantha is obsessed with looking at photos. especially ones that are hanging up high. her room. davey’s room. the hallway. the freezer door. doesn’t matter. she loves ‘em all. dave is much more patient with her than i am. i can hold her and point out the same faces 2, MAYBE 3 times in a row before i’m all done with that game. but dave will show her the same photos over and over and over and over (he does get tired of doing it, too)!


she loves looking at the photos on a canvas in davey’s room. she just can’t get enough. i would gladly bring it down to her eye level (so we don’t have to hold her!) if i knew she wouldn’t touch, remove and destroy the photos (all in love, of course). here she is, ignoring daddy (whom she is crawling all over!) to see the photos on the canvas in davey’s room:


but every so often, you can steal her attention away from photos for some fun giggles and cuddles: 

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