my sink

last week (or the week before?) i showed you a photo from my laundry hamper. i no longer have any idea what i’ll find in there along with the dirty clothes, towels and sheets. 


the same is now true of my sink. last friday i was pretty tired, so i was zoning out on the couch while davey ran around before his nap (sam was already asleep). i ended up putting davey down for an early nap and then i took a nap, too. when i woke up and (eventually) wandered downstairs to the kitchen to work on dinner, this is what greeted me:

a sink full of balls.


while i was still on the couch, i heard davey running and laughing and he even came to me and said that he put two balls in the sink. i forgot about it. and apparently i let him run free a little too long. because we ended up with far more than two balls in the sink! see that little soccer ball? and the green & gold ball? i threw them away. they were in the dirty macaroni and cheese pot (which was full of water) for several hours. they were SOAKED and i thought it best to simply cut our losses and lose those two forever. 


i washed the rest of the items and let them air dry on the other side of the sink where i have a dish drainer. 


i can’t wait ’til i find weird things in the oven. and the fridge. and my bed!  :)

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